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Earn the vRealize Network Insight Socks through the Search Exchange!

We recently launched the vRealize Network Insight Search Exchange, a great way to discover all the ways you can use the search engine. Using examples that can be copied and pasted into your vRNI instance, there are over 300 searches covering a broad set of use cases.

It is now possible to contribute to the Search Exchange; anyone with a My VMware account can log in and submit a search. Today, we are kicking off a contest around the Search Exchange contributions! What’s on the table? Well, these spiffy and comfy socks:

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How to get Socks

When you contribute three searches to the Search Exchange, you can apply to get a pair. Check out the section below to learn how to contribute. Once you’ve done so, reach out to us via Twitter @vmwnetinsight (follow the account and DM) or email to ask-vrni@vmware.com and send a link to your contributions. We’ll make sure you get a pair!

How to Contribute

The only thing you need to contribute a search is a My VMware account and a search. Make sure the search isn’t there already and fill out the submission form. Here’s a quick video of how that process looks:

Submission Form

For reference, these are the form fields:

  • Publishing As: This will be your name as you’ve put it into My VMware. Don’t worry; it will not show your email address.
  • Search Title: A very brief summary of the search (4-6 words).
  • Search Description: Larger summary of the search; what does it return?
  • Search Code: The actual search that works in vRNI.
  • Version: The vRNI version where this search will work. You can put the version you have used it successfully on.
  • Category: What category fits best with your search?
  • Tags: Optionally, provide several tags attached to the search. These can be used to find your search more easily.

One more thing

This contest will last until October 7, 2021 the last day of VMworld.

I’m looking forward to your creative search contributions and offering these unique awesome socks!


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