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vRealize This Live! Multi-Cloud Automation with vRealize Automation

Episode number four of vRealize This Live! is out now. This time we’re taking a look at cloud-agnostic deployments using vRealize Automation. Chris McClanahan, Group Manager of Technical Marketing shows us how to leverage vRealize Automation Cloud Templates to abstract away the complexities of working across multiple cloud providers. You’ll learn how to leverage infrastructure-as-code and a UI-based approach for non-coders can make the deployment of virtual machines, load balancers, networking, and storage approachable for anyone. Plus, Chris shows us how to include provider-specific services in your templates when the need arises. So delete your scripts and burn your playbooks, it’s time to learn about vRealize Automation!

Be sure to join us every other Wednesday at 11am EST/8AM PST for awesome live demos and live chat. You can catch the live stream on Twitch or on Youtube with replays available on Youtube. Be sure to check out our next episode on May 12thth at 8AM PST, 11AM EST where we’ll be looking at the benefits of centralizing your multi-cloud logs with vRealize Log Insight Cloud.

If you’re looking to get hands-on with vRealize Automation and the features highlighted in this episode then check out VMware Pathfinder. You’ll find 100-300 level information on VMware Cloud Management features as well as hands-on labs and trials all for free!


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