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vRealize This Live! The most important thing everyone always forgets with cloud migrations.

The VMware Cloud Management Business Unit recently launched a brand new live stream called vRealize This Live! Join us every other Wednesday at 11am EST for awesome live demos and live chat. You can catch the live stream on Twitch or on Youtube with replays available on Youtube.

We continued our cloud migration discussion in episode two. This time, we discussed the most important thing everyone always forgets with cloud migrations with Martijn Smit (@smitmartijn). Martijn showed us why vRealize Network Insight is integral to migration planning and making sure your network is not forgotten.

In terms of migrations, vRealize Network Insight can…

Identify traffic flows between systems to fully understand your dependencies.

Help plan your networking requirements. Understand how much bandwidth is needed. Get a full understanding of the network topology and know what your connections are between on-premises and cloud. And analyze where consumers are accessing your services from.

Develop a firewall rule plan. Traffic flows and port information are readily available in vRealize Network Insight and can even be exported for automated firewall configuration.

Be sure to check out our next episode on March 31st at 8AM PST, 11AM EST on Youtube and Twitch. We’ll be looking at how CloudHealth can give you insight into your cloud usage and streamlining optimization efforts to optimize costs, operations, and security.

If you’re looking to get hands-on with vRealize Network Insight and the features highlighted in this episode then check out VMware Pathfinder. You’ll find 100-300 level information on VMware Cloud Management features as well as hands-on labs all for free!


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