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vRealize This Live! Cloud Migration Planning with vRealize Operations

In case you didn’t hear, the VMware Cloud Management Business Unit has launched a brand new Live Stream called vRealize This Live! Join us every other Wednesday on the VMware Cloud Management Youtube channel for great demos and live conversations with you.

This week, John Dias walked us through cloud migration planning using vRealize Operations. Some key takeaways from this episode are…

  • Rightsize those VM’s before you migrate.
  • Understand what outcomes your business expects from the migration.
  • Run hypothetical migration plans and understand what your costs will be after the migration.
  • Get visibility inside the VM and understand how the OS and applications are performing before and after.

Check out the episode below and see how vRealize Operations can help you plan your cloud migrations and more!

And be sure to check out our next episode on March 17th! The chats will be open once again so you can ask your questions live! Stay tuned for an announcement next week.

If you’re looking to get hands-on with vRealize Operations and the features highlighted in this episode then check out VMware Pathfinder. You’ll find 100-300 level information on VMware Cloud Management features as well as hands-on labs all for free!


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