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The Universal Approach to Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption has quickly gone from a luxury reserved for forward-looking organizations to a necessity for everyone hoping to stay competitive in the modern application economy. So, it’s no surprise that by 2024, over 45% of IT spending on system infrastructure, infrastructure and application software, and business process outsourcing will move from traditional solutions to the cloud.[1]

And while multi-cloud certainly is an enticing new reality for organizations in support of apps, with it, the specter of cloud silos and divergent cloud operating models loom. Understanding these challenges, VMware created two “Universal” offerings to enable a single cloud operating model across any cloud and also deliver flexibility during the transition.

VMware Cloud Universal

When vRealize Cloud Universal was announced at VMworld 2020, our vision was to empower companies to align cloud management with their cloud adoption strategy and the changing needs and priorities of the business.

Now with the announcement of VMware Cloud Universal, of which vRealize Cloud Universal is a part, VMware will offer customers the ability to transform both their infrastructure and management.

VMware Cloud Universal is a flexible subscription that delivers enterprise-class multi-cloud infrastructure and operations combining compute, storage, networking, management, and modern app services with customer entitlements to flexibly VMware Cloud.  This new flexible subscription delivers infrastructure entitlements that can be consumed in customer-managed private clouds (VMware Cloud Foundation), VMware-managed local clouds (VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, ), or in the public cloud (VMware Cloud on AWS.)   The offering delivers services that include VMware HCX for workload portability, vRealize Cloud Universal for automation and operations, vRealize Network Insight for migration planning and end-to-end network visibility, VMware Cloud Console for license entitlement, and enterprise-class VMware infrastructure for compute, storage, and networking.   VMware Cloud Universal entitlements can also be deployed against VMware vRealize Cloud Universal for management of existing VMware infrastructure investments.

vRealize Cloud Universal

vRealize Cloud Universal is a SaaS management suite that seamlessly brings together automation, operations, and log analytics into a single license. This license entitles customers to the SaaS and on-premises versions of vRealize Automation Cloud, vRealize Operations Cloud, and vRealize Log Insight Cloud. It also includes vRealize AI Cloud and VMware Skyline.

As IT leaders determine the right cloud strategy for their business, a few common things cross their minds.

  • How do I start my journey and where are the low-hanging fruit opportunities?
  • As I connect with peers about private, public, and Kubernetes, which solutions are relevant as I continue my cloud journey?
  • If I am unsure about the transition’s timing, is there an offering that allows me to match my pace?
  • When I move to SaaS, how do I protect my existing investments?

Why vRealize Cloud Universal?

vRealize Cloud Universal is purpose-built to deliver value across six key areas: Convertibility, Flexibility, Productivity, Operational Continuity, Cost Savings, and Cloud Federation.

  • Convertibility – IT teams can deploy their cloud management as SaaS or on-premises with a single license, toggling back and forth as necessary and moving workloads between clouds without the need to repurchase.
  • Flexibility – The subscription model provides IT teams with ultimate flexibility, letting them purchase the license for the length of time they want. They also can ramp the number of licenses up or down when they renew.
  • Productivity – The ability to toggle between SaaS and on-premises management allows IT teams to govern their complex environments nimbly and productively while adopting the cloud at their own pace.
  • Operational Continuity – With a platform that enables management of on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, IT teams can ensure operational optimization and continuity across the business, even as cloud migration is in midstep.
  • Cost Savings – Being able to choose between SaaS and on-premises management with a single license and without the need for repurchasing frees up IT budget that can be reallocated elsewhere.
  • Cloud Federation – By breaking down SaaS and on-prem barriers, vRealize Cloud Universal allows you to federate across management tools, eliminating silos, improving visibility, and increasing operational agility.
vRealize Cloud Federated Analytics
vRealize Cloud Federated Catalog

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[1] Gartner. “Cloud Shift Impacts All IT Markets.” Christy Pettey. October 26, 2020.


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