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Introducing the vRealize Network Insight Search Exchange

I’m very excited to introduce the vRealize Network Insight Search Exchange! What is it, you ask? In a nutshell, the Search Exchange is an online community where you can find 100s of different searches that can be used inside vRealize Network Insight.

If you’re not aware, vRealize Network Insight has a mighty search engine that understands [technical] natural language. That means you can form a database query-like search on every single data point within vRNI, with conditions and sorting. Think of it as a massive data lake with easy access to specific data and endless search possibilities. More info on the search engine in this blog post.

Because there are so many possibilities for searches, we launch the Search Exchange to provide example searches. Ready to copy and paste or to use for inspiration at building your searches.

vRealize Network Insight Search Exchange
Find the Search Exchange at https://vrealize.vmware.com/sample-exchange/vrealize-network-insight-search-exchange/categories

Navigating the Search Exchange

As you can see in the screenshot above, we’ve divided the searches into categories. Each category will have searches that relate to that category. For example, if you browse to the VM category, all the searches that dig up information about VMs are there:

vRealize Network Insight Search Exchange - List of searches

There are a few attributes on these searches. You’ll see who contributed it, a title and description explaining what it does, a few tags, from which vRNI version the search is supported, like buttons, and most importantly, a button called COPY CODE.¬†Click that button to copy the search to your clipboard, and paste it into vRealize Network Insight.


There are already over 280 searches available, and anyone (you!) can contribute searches. This is what makes it a community. I’ll follow up this blog post with another where I go into details on how to contribute (and win some awesome swag!).¬†


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