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Announcing General Availability of vRealize Operations v8.4 and vRealize Operations Cloud

With no signs of slowing down the innovation in sight, VMware will be coming back again with yet another brand-new release of vRealize Operations 8.4 and vRealize Operations Cloud! It was just four months after the release of vRealize Operations 8.2 and vRealize Operations Cloud that we released the availability of vRealize Operations 8.3 a month ago in February. It’s a fast ride in this self-driving datacenter and a path for every customer to take.

This release will provide deeper insight into metrics to give you even greater detail on what’s happening in your hybrid, cloud, public cloud, and VMware Cloud on AWS. Improved cost flow optimization, parity with VMware End Point Operations for service and process monitoring, and an ‘Automation Central’ where you can create automated jobs for performance and capacity optimization maximizes your operational efficiency for your whole SDDC all from a single management tool.

What’s Coming!

Increased AWS Services Support for customers who are multi-cloud and need to extend their consolidated cloud management view. vRealize Operations will dramatically expand coverage of the most popular native AWS services—supporting 57 total services going forward to further automate and simplify operations.

Service/Process Monitoring using Telegraf Agent provides the ability to monitor processes based on name, regex, and PID on Linux and services based on service names on Windows servers. You will also be alerted on a VM whenever a service or process goes down, check symptoms for details of the service and its availability along with utilization monitoring.

Scheduling Reclamation and Rightsizing will introduce the ability for customers to schedule reclamation and rightsizing activities, such as deleting old snapshots, powering off or deleting idle VMs, reclaiming wasted resources from VMs, or adding resources to undersized VMs to avoid performance issues for reducing business risks, lower costs, strengthen security, and improve sustainability. 

Costing for VMware Cloud on AWS will allow customers to calculate the cost of their VMware Cloud on AWS VMs and clusters using their VMware Cloud on AWS bills. This includes running reports and tracking the potential savings of reclamation from powered-off VMs, idle VMs, VM snapshots, orphaned disks, and oversized VMs. Customers will also be able to produce a single dashboard spanning VMware Cloud on AWS and on-premises vSphere costs.

Enhanced Cost Flow Optimization provides a major update for vRealize Operations cost management by providing cost flow guidance to customers that will help improve their cost-efficiency. With 10 new dashboards, customers can improve and visualize costs, including return on investment, total cost of ownership, potential cost savings, and more. 

VMware Cloud on AWS What-if Planning will enable customers to predict demand, plan for future capacity needs and get actional insights with new capacity planning capabilities for VMware Cloud on AWS.  The new features include the ability to assess the capacity utilization trends, understand how soon they will run out with time remaining, and cost impact of adding or removing VMs from an existing VMware Cloud on AWS environment.

Support for Open Source Telegraf Agent will expand the ways customers can monitor their apps by opening the options to pull metrics from any app using any of the open-source Telegraf agent plugins or by developing their own.

For more information:

To learn more on vRealize Operations, vRealize Operations Cloud, and other vRealize products, I invite you to check out our new VMware Pathfinder site that covers detailed usage for:

  • Performance Optimization
  • Capacity and Cost Management
  • Intelligent Troubleshooting
  • Interactive Analytics
  • Dashboards & Content Packs
  • Architecture


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