VMware Completes SaltStack Acquisition to Bolster Software Configuration Management and Infrastructure Automation

Purnima Padmanabhan, Vice President and GM, Cloud Automation, Cloud Management Business Unit, VMware

Today, I am happy to announce that VMware has closed its acquisition of SaltStack. I want to officially welcome the SaltStack team led by Marc Chenn and Tom Hatch to the Cloud Management team at VMware. (Read the Sept. 29, 2020 blog post from Ajay Singh). Together with the SaltStack team and product portfolio, we are positioned to help our customers accelerate their infrastructure automation projects and realize the outcomes they are driving toward.

In the current market, agile companies – the ones that can adapt their business models to the rapidly changing market needs – will be the ones that succeed. Business agility is now dependent on software agility. Through automation we help customers shrink the time it takes them to release new applications to the market from months to weeks; continuously expand their application scale, scope and business impact; and dynamically adapt their application and cloud stack to meet their changing needs.

SaltStack and the VMware vRealize Automation Portfolio

Since announcing our intent to acquire SaltStack at VMworld 2020, numerous customers have asked us how it fits into our VMware portfolio. With the acquisition now complete, SaltStack will become an integral part of our vRealize Automation product line as our core software configuration management, infrastructure automation and security operations offering. It will complement the existing purpose-built automation offerings integrated within vRealize Automation product line to address a wide range of modern use cases:

  • Core infrastructure as a service (IaaS) automation with VMware Cloud Assembly;
  • Integrated continuous delivery pipelines with vRealize Code Stream;
  • Integrated workflow automation with vRealize Orchestrator;
  • Integrated serverless automation with built-in functions called ABX; and,
  • Software configuration, security and infrastructure automation with SaltStack.

SaltStack completes and extends our offering by enabling us to deliver full stack automation – from apps to infrastructure. VMware customers seeking software configuration management, infrastructure and security automation capabilities can now purchase SaltStack products. Moving forward, we expect to integrate the SaltStack product set with vRealize Automation and offer it as a core part of vRealize Cloud Management portfolio. Additionally, we expect to invest in Salt and the other open source projects previously maintained by SaltStack.

Once again, a hearty official welcome to the SaltStack team. We look forward to engaging with existing customers, users and the broader Salt community over the coming weeks and months.


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