It was just a few short weeks ago that VMware announced a comprehensive refresh of the entire line of vRealize Cloud Management products and services, both on-prem and SaaS. In a major announcement on August 18th, VMware introduced vRealize Operations 8.2, vRealize Automation 8.2, vRealize Log Insight 8.2 and vRealize Network Insight 5.3, as well as the SaaS versions of these offerings. Delivering advanced and innovative capabilities for modern infrastructure automation, these new versions will be generally available later in Q3.

But, that was then… now, at VMworld, we are moving forward with even more exciting news.


What’s Coming at VMworld 2020!

VMworld is, more than anything, an opportunity to learn what’s new at VMware. This year vRealize Cloud Management proudly carries the “what’s new” banner for the company with two exciting firsts:

  • VMware vRealize Cloud Universal is our first “hybrid” solution that offers full end-to-end automation, operations, and log analytics capabilities, providing customers the opportunity to consume our cloud management solutions on-premises or as SaaS in a single subscription-based offering. vRealize Cloud Universal enables customers to evolve to cloud at their own pace, preserving existing investments as they increasingly benefit from the advantages of SaaS.
  • Another significant first is the integration of VMware Skyline with vRealize Operations. VMware is the first cloud infrastructure company to integrate its proactive support and management solutions, providing customers with a seamless experience to proactively avoid issues and effectively manage their hybrid cloud environments. More of these integrations – designed to deliver peace of mind to our customers – are planned.

Over the last several quarters, VMware has evolved our cloud management capabilities into the industry’s leading, end-to-end solution managing all aspects of our customer’s multi-cloud environments. Our vRealize products – available both on-prem and as SaaS – deliver automation and operations, log and network management capabilities across both hybrid and public clouds, while CloudHealth ensures cost optimization and governance across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and, now, Oracle Cloud. This comprehensive approach to cloud management enables organizations to consistently deploy, operate, and govern applications, infrastructure, and platform services across any cloud environment.

VMworld 2020

In this article, see the news and updates on:

  • vRealize Cloud Universal
  • vRealize Network Insight
  • VMware Skyline
  • VMware Cloud Health


vRealize Cloud Universal: Adopt Management as SaaS at Your Pace

vRealize Cloud Universal is a flexible, cloud management subscription offering that combines on-premises and SaaS into one license, supporting business transition to the cloud and providing the flexibility to manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments on-premises and in the cloud. It not only equips customers with flexible licensing and consumption options, but it also includes powerful new features including: vRealize AI Cloud, vRealize Cloud Federated Catalog and vRealize Cloud Federated Analytics, vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager, and VMware Skyline proactive intelligence.

Learn more about vRealize Cloud Universal here.


VMware vRealize AI Cloud: Self-optimization of Your Software-defined Infrastructure

vRealize AI Cloud (formerly Project Magna), included in vRealize Cloud Universal subscription, is a self-optimizing service that uses machine learning and reinforcement learning techniques to continuously learn, adapt, and optimize your software defined infrastructure. At VMworld we are launching the first version of vRealize AI Cloud for vSAN optimization to help ensure consistent and optimal performance for your mixed application workloads.  As workloads get scaled out or migrated to different clusters or datacenters, vRealize AI Cloud will dynamically adjust vSAN tunable parameters to continuously optimize KPIs such as I/O read and write throughput and network latency.

Learn more details at this blog


VMware Skyline Brings Proactive Intelligence to vRealize Cloud Management and VMware Cloud Foundation

Integration with vRealize Cloud Management

Skyline’s integration with vRealize Operations Cloud expands proactive issue avoidance, troubleshooting and automated workflows in a unified management and support experience. Skyline is now included in vRealize Cloud Universal subscription and VMware’s new Success 360 services offering. It continues to be included with Production and Premier Support subscriptions.

Support for VMware Cloud Foundation

Skyline will support VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), the industry’s leading hybrid cloud platform. Skyline will identify VCF management and workload domains, and surface VCF solution-based Proactive Findings.

Check out Skyline at VMworld 2020 here.


vRealize Network Insight 6.0 and Cloud: NSX_T, SD-WAN, AWS, and More!

VMware is announcing another exciting new release for vRealize Network Insight 6.0 (on-prem) and vRealize Network Insight Cloud (SaaS). This release enhances the visibility and analytics for NSX-T, VMware SD-WAN and VMware Cloud on AWS, as well as other aspects of your software-defined infrastructure. Key features are new network assurance and verification capabilities to determine whether the network is meeting its intended goals.

vRealize Operations 8.2 will now be able to include applications discovered in vRealize Network Insight and merge this new information with other existing application data for better application correlation.

In this release, application performance visibility for VMware SD-WAN will be enhanced to include SD-WAN path tunnel visibility and round-trip time latency for richer flow visibility.

There are several enhancements for VMware Cloud on AWS including Hybrid Connectivity: Layer 2 Extension with HCX in VMware Cloud on AWS. vRealize Network Insight Cloud and vRealize Network Insight will provide stitched flow visibility over HCX stretched Layer 2 VLAN connections between VMware Cloud SDDCs. This new capability enables customers to monitor migrations with VMware HCX and prevent network performance issues.

Explore more details at this blog post


VMware Cloud Health: Managing Costing for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Advanced Security and Compliance

Multi-cloud Operations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

With the newly released functionality, CloudHealth by VMware now supports Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), enabling enterprises to view all public cloud costs from a single platform. Enterprises gain visibility into usage of OCI Pay-As-You-Go (on-demand) and Monthly Flex (Reservation) purchase models so they can make better decisions about proper usage of each. Customers can also group assets by business unit, department, cost center, and owner, for cost reporting and showback using OCI tags and CloudHealth’s Perspectives capability.

Learn more details at this blog post

Multi-cloud Security Posture Management and Compliance

CloudHealth Secure State has helped organizations discover more than 10 million security and compliance risks in AWS and Azure to date. The service is now adding real-time monitoring for Google Cloud, as well as 20 new AWS and Azure services, including managed Kubernetes and serverless workloads. Additionally, organizations can more effectively scale security and improve collaboration between teams through simplified management of cloud accounts, custom compliance frameworks, and Azure auto-remediation support.

Learn more details at this blog post




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