Have you started to embrace some IT automation, but haven’t really extended it to the network domain to take advantage of the many benefits that network automation can offer? You’re not alone. Many organizations are starting to explore the opportunity to gain a competitive edge by automating the network.

White Paper

IDC just published a new white paper that provides insight into the potential that network automation has to offer. Download the paper to learn about Brad Casemore’s (Research VP, Datacenter Networks at IDC) view on automating the network – the future and the benefits of datacenter network automation.

VMware - IDC WP - Network Automation - The Missing Piece in DX Strategies

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We also invited Brad to speak on this topic.  Missed the webinar?  No problem.  You can still access the recording on-demand and view at your leisure.  Also, make sure to listen to the end.  We got great questions from the audience. Hear Brad’s take on questions, such as how long a typical network automation journey is, where to start, common pitfalls, how to get past culture of fear with changing, key operations, skill sets required to transition from network engineering to network automation, what is NetDevOps, and business case / ROI for automating the network.

VMware - Network Automation - The Missing Piece in DX Strategies

VMware Network Automation

Lastly, VMware is here to support your automation journey and adopt / implement a solution.  VMware’s Network Automation automates NSX with vRealize Automation to help organizations gain faster time to market, greater operational savings, and productivity gains.

It integrates vRealize Automation’s modern infrastructure automation platform with NSX’s network virtualization.  As a result, it enables rapid application rollout, enhanced with networking and security services. By applying DevOps principles to network infrastructure delivery, the solution ensures network policies are managed with workloads to eliminate operational bottlenecks in the application lifecycle. Furthermore, it enables fast, consistent networking and security for both VM and container-based workloads, across private, hybrid, public, and multicloud environments.

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To learn more, visit us online at VMware Network Automation and check out these additional resources.




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