A picture containing toy, clockDescription automatically generatedLooking for a modern self-service hybrid cloud with DevOps? Discover how vRealize Automation Cloud can rapidly implement a self-service hybrid cloud infrastructure to increase productivity and deployment flexibility.


Automation has become increasingly important for simplifying the management of hybrid cloud infrastructure. As such, organizations are looking for an infrastructure automation solution that spans across the hybrid cloud environment and addresses the automation needs of their current infrastructure and applications. VMware vRealize Automation Cloud, a software-as-a-service offering for VMware Cloud on AWS, helps customers on this journey.


What is vRealize Automation Cloud and VMware Cloud on AWS?

VMware vRealize Automation Cloud is a modern infrastructure automation platform with powerful IaaS capabilities and automation, infrastructure as code (IaC), and DevOps for infrastructure. Deployed on AWS Global Infrastructure and utilizing DevOps principles, vRealize Automation Cloud delivers a powerful IaC platform and infrastructure pipelining capabilities to enable self-service provisioning and delivery of hybrid cloud infrastructure resources.

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Solution Overview

vRealize Automation Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS provides a highly flexible yet simple hybrid automation solution, with self-service APIs, governance and policy configuration, connected workflows and collaboration, good lifecycle management, and capacity and usage trend monitoring. It delivers scalability, speed, flexibility and reliability through DevOps-for-infrastructure capabilities. With vRealize Automation Cloud and VMware Cloud on AWS, customers can seamlessly consume IaaS, PaaS, FaaS and deliver VMware-based infrastructure environments across private and hybrid clouds.


Key Capabilities

  1. Self-service catalog – Take advantage of the self-service capabilities available in the vRealize Automation Cloud catalog portal via VMware Service Broker. Via the out-of-the-box integration with VMware Cloud on AWS, publish content to the self-service catalog, and use project-based policies, governance and costing to manage resource access and utilization centrally. VMware Service Broker has the ability to bring together VMware Cloud on AWS machine blueprints, AWS native services and AWS CloudFormation Template (CFT) sourced items. There are various content sources for VMware Service Broker, such as VMware Code Stream pipelines, AWS CFTs, VMware Cloud Assembly™ blueprints, vRealize Orchestrator workflows, and Action Based Extensibility (ABX) actions.
  2. Consumption of the software-defined data center – Utilize the out-of-the-box VMware Cloud on AWS cloud account as an endpoint within vRealize Automation Cloud to quickly and easily set up catalog items. With a single click, users can automatically apply the appropriate security groups and storage policies and proceed to deploying the VM. VMware Cloud on AWS uses VMware vSphere, VMware NSX and VMware vSAN as the underlying software-defined data center (SDDC) infrastructure, and vRealize Automation Cloud automates these constructs similarly to how it is done for on-premises SDDC environments.
  3. Infrastructure as code – Build IaaS blueprints using IaC via the YAML editor or graphical interface, and source control with GitLab and GitHub integration. The vRealize Automation Cloud blueprint visual designer is a low-code graphical interface approach to building blueprints, catering to users ramping up their IaC skills. vRealize Automation Cloud offers VMware Cloud on AWS customers the benefit of using both methods to effortlessly drag and drop objects in the blueprint canvas, and then configure them with the YAML editor.
  4. DevOps for infrastructure – Speed up applications and infrastructure delivery. vRealize Automation Cloud allows infrastructure and app pipelines in the VMware Code Stream service to be presented as items in the service catalog. Users can leverage the easy-to-use self-service content request process in the service catalog to launch pipelines. DevOps for infrastructure is at the heart of how vRealize Automation Cloud helps customers transform their infrastructure. For VMware Cloud on AWS customers, vRealize Automation Cloud provides a modern and integrated infrastructure DevOps automation solution across private hybrid cloud environments.


Why vRealize Automation Cloud and VMware Cloud on AWS?

  • Portability – Leverage a unified self-service provisioning and catalog layer with seamless workload portability across private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Flexibility – Enable automated infrastructure provisioning by providing a self-service catalog and pipelining infrastructure for cloud admins and manage it with governance policies for better insight and control.
  • Choice – Build designs from scratch using a rich set of building blocks (cloud-agnostic provisioning, AWS infrastructure as a service, AWS services), or request designs and images from third-party platforms via the self-service catalog.
  • Agility – Enable a fast response to business needs with accelerated development and delivery of complex workload topologies with IaC.
  • Consistency – Apply the same self-service catalog, content and policies in vRealize Automation Cloud across private and hybrid cloud environments. Provide centralized and streamlined operations with unified visibility and management across the hybrid cloud environment.
  • Ease of use – Utilize the vRealize Automation Cloud add-on tile on the VMware Cloud on AWS console to streamline customer onboarding.


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