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vRealize Operations Cloud: Complete Visibility with Integrations

With the initial availability of vRealize Operations Cloud, customers can now quickly and easily get the benefits of powerful Machine Learning enabled capabilities such as the Troubleshooting Workbench, Workload Placement, predictive capacity analytics, and rightsizing recommendations. However, the benefits of vRealize Operations Cloud do not stop there. We have worked hard to deliver integration with other vRealize solutions for consistent IT operations. In this blog, you will learn how vRealize Operations Cloud automatically integrates with vRealize Log Insight Cloud and our new Management Pack for integration with vRealize Network Insight Cloud.

Seamlessly Search Logs

As you may know, the vRealize Log Insight Cloud service provides customers with the capability to add event data to their troubleshooting and monitoring workflow rich analytics to find the needle in the haystack quickly. Putting log data together with metric data is essential, and with vRealize Operations Cloud, you can now have that with the native integration with vRealize Log Insight Cloud.

Customers who subscribe to both vRealize Operations Cloud and vRealize Log Insight Cloud will find that the two products are automatically integrated – there is nothing else to do!

Even better, vRealize Log Insight Cloud is truly integrated with the vRealize Operations Cloud user interface showing logging information cleanly with the ability to use simple query filters and easily make time scale adjustments. Here is a screenshot of the logs from vRealize Log Insight Cloud as they appear in vRealize Operations Cloud.

Notice the logs above are automatically filtered for the selected object (the host system). You also have easy access to your logs in the Troubleshooting Workbench. should you need to dig even deeper, you can also launch vRealize Log Insight Cloud with a single click. You will be authenticated through Cloud Services and dropped into the vRealize Log Insight Cloud user interface in the context of the query in vRealize Operations Cloud, as shown below.

vRealize Network Insight Cloud

With the release of vRealize Operations 8.1, a new management pack for integration with vRealize Network Insight was also released. The vRealize Operations Management Pack for vRealize Network Insight 1.0 brings network aware troubleshooting by surfacing vRealize Network Insight events as alerts in vRealize Operations.

The good news is that this integration is also available with vRealize Operations Cloud and vRealize Network Insight Cloud. Like many of our initial product and cloud integrations, this is currently offered as a management pack. It is fully supported for vRealize Operations Cloud, and all you need to do to get it is by sending a request via the Cloud Services Portal and our SREs will get it installed. So, it is even easier for SaaS customers to consume.

So, what do you get, exactly? As I mentioned, user-defined event triggers will be forwarded to vRealize Operations Cloud as alerts. From there, you can consume the alerts directly or use them in the Troubleshooting Workbench.

Alerts generated from vRNI events.

Alerts are automatically mapped to vRealize Operations Cloud objects that are common between the two services. For objects unique to vRealize Network Insight, the impacted object will be shown as “vRNI-Others” as seen in this alert below.

A launch in context action for an NSX-vSphere edge.

The integration also includes launch in context for these common objects from vRealize Operations Cloud to vRealize Network Insight Cloud. The above screenshot shows the action to launch directly into the vRealize Network Insight Cloud dashboard for the same NSX Edge. These common objects can be the following:

  • Virtual Machine
  • NSX-V Edge
  • NSX-V Controller
  • NSX Manager
  • vSphere Host
  • vSphere Cluster

For Virtual Machine objects, an additional launch in context action is available, which will bring you the VM Traffic Details in vRealize Network Insight Cloud.

Additional launch in context option for vRealize Network Insight Cloud Traffic Details for a VM.

Of course, the launch in context feature seamlessly sends you to vRealize Network Insight through single sign-on with your Cloud Services login.

Summary / CTA

Customers of vRealize Operations Cloud have easy access to integrations between other SaaS services in the vRealize Cloud family for IT monitoring and troubleshooting to enable consistent operations. Are you ready to try it out for yourself? Head over to VMware Cloud and learn more about vRealize Operations Cloud and even sign up for a trial.



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