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VMware’s Newest Service, vRealize Operations Cloud

Purpose-built for the cloud, I’m pleased to announce the new VMware vRealize Operations Cloud is now available!  We hear from customers their application portfolios are growing, containers and Kubernetes are having an impact, and cloud adoption is on the rise. Yet, IT operations is a perceived and (some might say) real impediment to achieving cloud benefits. With vRealize Operations Cloud, we can help ease your organization’s journey to cloud, wherever you may be on that journey, and simplify aligning your IT operations with your cloud strategy for consistent operations.

Since we announced the tech preview of vRealize Operations Cloud at VMworld 2019 US, customers have asked us a myriad of questions. And we’re providing a way for you to meet our experts and ask them directly by joining our webinar on April 16. Some commonly asked questions include what are the features? How is it priced? What do I do with my existing licenses? All great questions for which we have answers. vRealize Operations Cloud delivers all the capabilities of on-premises, along with the benefits of SaaS, including:






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