vRealize Network Insight

Automation Examples for vRealize Network Insight

vRealize Network Insight is a treasure trove of information on what’s happening in your network. It ingests network configuration data, application flows going through the network, metrics, and correlates all this data to the application workloads. One of the best things about this is that all this information is also available via the public APIs of vRealize Network Insight.

From exporting network flow data, recommended firewall rules, analytics data, to pushing data sources and applications, there’s a lot there.

PowervRNI & Python SDK

To get off the ground running and make it easier to create automation code, SDKs are available. Both PowervRNI and the Python SDK allow you to focus on the value of the automation, and not bother you with figuring out the right REST API calls; they have simple functions to use. Learn more about both of these here.

Introducing the vRealize Network Insight Sample Exchange!

Our team has been working with customers with automation needs, and we have been building a ton of example scripts. This library of example scripts can now be found on the new vRealize Network Insight Sample Exchange!

On this website, you can quickly find code examples that have been posted to the VMware Sample Exchange. Over time, we will continue to grow this exchange with more examples, as they are developed.

The best part of this website is that it’s a community-driven website. Log in to the sample exchange using your MyVMware credentials to submit requests for new samples, contribute your own samples, as well as propose a sample as a solution for open requests. Do you have example code that can be useful for other people? Post it and be famous!

Built into the API Explorer

API documentation for the vRealize Network Insight public API is available from inside the interface. In the API Explorer, you can learn about every single API endpoint that is available there and try it out! With the launch of the vRealize Network Insight Sample Exchange, the example scripts are also available directly in the API Explorer on your vRealize Network Insight instance:


There’s a new tab called Related Code Samples, and it pulls the available examples from the VMware Sample Exchange. Note that you need internet access while opening the API Explorer, the Related Code Samples tab will not show in dark environments.


The vRealize Network Insight Sample Exchange opens another door to get started with automation, and it will continue to grow. If you have a sample request, you can post them on the VMware Sample Exchange. If you have examples and want to help others, you can post them on the VMware Sample Exchange, as well!



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