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Yes! Code Stream Pipelines as Catalog Item

Code Stream in Service Broker


In the latest release of features in vRealize Automation we have introduced the capability to present Code Stream pipelines as catalog items in the Service Broker service. This feature allows you to take the power of Code Stream infrastructure pipelines, provide them as self-service catalog items, and use the awesome the benefits of custom forms to make offering advanced services easy to consume for your business. In this blog I will walk through setting up a Code Stream pipeline in Service Broker as a catalog item.


Setting up Code Stream As a Content Source in Service Broker:

It’s easy to setup Code Stream as a content source in Service Broker.

Content Source

Once in the Service Broker service of vRealize Automation you can select Content & Policies, then Content Sources, select New content source, then Code Stream Pipeline.

Source Configuration

A source details page will appear and you only need to give the source a name (in this example I called it Code Stream Pipeline) and then select the project in vRealize Automation that the pipelines are associated with.


Selecting Pipelines You Want in the Catalog:

Now you can select the pipelines you want to show up in the self-service catalog.

Add Pipeline

First select Content Sharing, then select the Project that has the Pipelines you want to present in the catalog, then select Add ITEMS.

Select Content

You could have every pipeline that is in the project show-up in the catalog. You could do this by just selecting the Code Stream Pipeline content source you setup earlier. Most likely you don’t want ALL your pipelines available for self service requests. In this example I just want to have one of my pipelines added to the catalog. To do this I will select the ALL CONTENT dropdown and select ALL CONTENT versus CONTENT SOURCES. This will list all items from all the content sources so you can select the specific items you want to show up in the catalog.

Select Pipeline

Now select the pipeline from the content list that you want to be present for your users in the catalog. You will know which are from Code Stream based on the Content Source. Once you have the content you want in the catalog select the SAVE button.

Content Included

Once saved you will see the pipeline listed as a catalog item in the list of items for the project.


Customize the Request Form Using Custom Forms:

Now that you have the pipeline selected to be included in the catalog for self-service you can use the custom form capability in Service Broker to make a very robust form driven request for your users.

Customize Form

Selecting the Content menu item on the left navigation bar will bring you to a list of all the content that is available in your catalog. Here you can launch the custom forms design editor to create very elaborate request forms. To ready more information on how to use custom forms please refer to the documentation on custom forms.



By bringing Code Stream pipelines into your self-service catalog you can bring all the great capabilities of infrastructure pipelines and CI/CD requests to anyone in your organization. This unlocks an entire new set of request-able processes that can drive agility in your business. I hope you can find new and exciting ways to use Code Stream pipelines to drive business process and delivery!!!


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