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Announcing vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1

Today we are announcing VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1, the latest release of the lifecycle management and automation platform for VMware vRealize Suite. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager delivers a comprehensive, integrated product and content lifecycle management solution for vRealize Suite, helping customers to speed up deployments and updates, optimize and automate ongoing product and content management, and apply Day 0 to Day 2 operational best practices across all components of vRealize Suite.

Enhanced Hybrid Cloud Operations, Compliance, and DevOps Support

vRealize Suite Lifecyle Manager 8.1 provides customers of vRealize Suite and VMware Cloud Foundation with enhanced capabilities for hybrid cloud operations, compliance, and DevOps-based automation. These features include:

Dedicated Multi-tenancy Support. vRealize Suite Lifecyle Manager supports dedicated infrastructure multi-tenancy in VMware vRealize Automation, by enabling Cloud admins to easily manage parent and tenant Organizations.

Enhanced VMware Cloud Foundation and SDDC Manager Integration. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager can automatically detect VMware Cloud Foundation and SDDC Manager components (e.g. management and workload domains) when deploying vRealize Suite components. This provides a unified view to deploy, upgrade, and patch vRealize Suite components in VMware Cloud Foundation environments, while minimizing the management footprint.

Certificate Delegation Support. With certificate delegation, vRealize Suite admins have the ability to access control certificates to specific users or teams, e.g. Admin, SuperUser. This further simplifies the management of vRealize Suite component certificates, while increasing security and compliance.

GitHub Integration. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager is integrated with GitHub for enhanced content sharing and version control.

Learn More

To learn more about VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, please visit the product page.

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