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Announcing vRealize Log Insight 8.1

Every minute, your organization’s infrastructure and applications generate a massive amount of logs.

Those logs have all the information your IT org might need for real-time troubleshooting, airtight security, and strategic decision-making.

However, trying to find the right data among those thousands – or even millions – of logs can be impossibly complex and time-consuming. And, the scale of machine-generated data is only increasing as enterprises span out infrastructure and app deployments across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Enter VMware vRealize Log Insight. Log Insight delivers centralized log management, deep operational visibility, and intelligent analytics for better troubleshooting and security across on-premises and private cloud environments – and we’ve been doing it for the better part of a decade. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of vRealize Log Insight 8.1, VMware’s most advanced log analytics platform to date.

Here are some of the highlights of vRealize Log Insight 8.1 that will help you take action based on intelligent log analytics more quickly, accurately, and powerfully than ever before:

  • Support for vSphere with Kubernetes Workload Control Plane: See all of your Kubernetes namespace events and alerts in vRealize Log Insight.
  • Better integration with vRealize Operations: View log metrics from vRealize Log Insight in vRealize Operations. New metrics include the number of error and warning logs as well as the total number of logs for ESXi hosts, vCenters, and VM’s. Plus the ability to quickly toggle between metrics and in-context logs for speedy, comprehensive troubleshooting.
  • URL-based dashboard sharing: Users can easily share summary information to any member of their organization through a URL, removing barriers to communication and information sharing with key stakeholders.
  • Variable retention by log type: Everyone has different needs for log retention. This new feature allows you to retain certain logs (e.g., firewall logs) for a longer period of time, while automatically deleting other logs (e.g., vSphere logs) after a user-defined time period for storage or compliance purposes.
  • Enhanced scalability: The maximum number of nodes in a cluster has increased from 12 to 18, helping scale your large environments more effectively and reducing administrative overhead. vRealize Log Insight 8.1 can ingest more than a quarter-million logs per second and provides 72 TB of log storage for improved retention.

So, why does Log Insight 8.1 matter to you? Well, how much time do you spend troubleshooting today, and where do logs enter the picture?

  • When an application failure occurs? You check the logs.
  • When you need a quick drilldown on system health? You check the logs.
  • When you need to scrutinize user activity for security or compliance purposes? You check the logs.

When you need to check the logs, you’re usually in a situation where you need answers fast. vRealize Log Insight is designed to give you those answers and help you determine next steps as quickly as possible. This latest release adds capabilities that help you discover vital insights – and communicate them to key stakeholders – even faster and more effectively.

Logs are a critical piece of the overall troubleshooting puzzle. For powerful holistic troubleshooting, nothing beats logs and metrics together. Say you want to correlate a spike in CPU demand with the specific event(s) that triggered that spike – you’d want to see the metrics and logs side-by-side. Today, vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations are even more tightly intertwined to provide this integrative troubleshooting experience in a single pane – we like to call this “360-degree troubleshooting”. Get both vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations together with vRealize Suite.

VMware’s intelligent logging capabilities are an essential piece of the monitoring and troubleshooting story, and you can consume them either as an on-premises license or a SaaS offering. Try Log Insight for free with a 60-day evaluation license today. Or, if you’re interested in SaaS-based intelligent logging, check out vRealize Log Insight Cloud and try a 30-day free trial.



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