Being able to provide a single pane of glass for IT self service requests provides huge value to any organization by greatly reducing their operating expenses (OpEx). It also speeds up the pace at which the business can innovate. For vRealize Automation customers that also use ServiceNow, they can achieve this via the newly updated vRealize Automation ITSM Plugin for ServiceNow. Once installed, the plugin will expose the vRealize Automation catalog directly within the ServiceNow portal.  vRealize Automation and ServiceNow are better together.



Overview of Capabilities

In this newly released version 7.6 of the vRealize Automation ITSM plugin, a number of improvements have been made

Easier plug-in configuration

With version 7.6, the plugin installation is much faster, and the installation process has been greatly simplified through the ServiceNow store, allowing you to achieve value as quickly and easily as possible. Neither SSO, nor ADFS setup is required. Also, RBAC of the plug-in is independent from vRealize Automation’s RBAC.

Multi-vRealize Automation Support

The ITSM plugin now supports the ability to connect a single ServiceNow instance to multiple vRealize Automation deployments. Then expose vRealize automation catalog items from vRA deployments across multiple geographies, or from Dev, Test, and Production deployments.



Day 2 Action Enhancements

vRealize Automation has a very robust extensibility engine with built in actions that can be performed against deployed and managed workloads. The ITSM plugin now supports the complete set of Day 2 actions from vRealize Automation allows the right level of controls to be granted to end users.  By providing additional Day 2 action support, greater automation can be provided to the workload owners.



Improved Admin Actions

There are a number of administration improvements made with this new plugin including;

  • Automatic importing of catalog items and resources from multiple vRealize Automation instances into ServiceNow
  • The ability to view and request entitled catalog items in the ServiceNow portal
  • Seamless integration with the ServiceNow governance engine
  • The ability to view provisioned resources in ServiceNow’s CMDB


Resource Sharing

The ability to share resources with other ServiceNow users is now part of this new plugin.  This is a great way to provide other users access to your deployments/machines and they can perform day-2 actions.  Another use case is delegation; someone else can take care of, and manage your applications while being on vacation for instance.



Overview Video

Here’s a quick overview video of the plugin.  Learn about the integration between vRealize Automation (vRA) and ServiceNow, and how the vRA ITSM Plugin can present the catalog items from vRA in ServiceNow. As a result ServiceNow users can request these catalog items.



Where to get the Plugin from

The ITSM v7.6 plugin supports the ServiceNow London and Madrid releases, and integrates with vRealize Automation versions 7.5 and 7.6. This plugin has been certified by ServiceNow, and support is provided directly through VMware Global Support Services. You can install the plugin today from for the ServiceNow Store @



In summary, You’ll find great value in this free plugin.  I hope you give it a try.  Enjoy!


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