vRealize Network Insight

Introducing the Network Insight Network Flow Search Poster

Using the search engine inside VMware vRealize Network Insight can be a revealing experience. It has every single bit of data you ever wanted to see about anything in your infrastructure and it’s available at your fingertips. Because of the vast amount of available data, the search engine is extremely versatile and there are many options available in its syntax.

To make learning the search engine a bit easier, we’re launching a Search Poster series that will be showcasing the most useful search queries for a specific area.

We started with a Virtual Machine Search Poster, and are now extending it with a poster for the network flows. Flows have lots of properties (applications, geographic info, vSphere objects, the list goes on), and all of them can be used in searches.

The Network Insight Flow Search Poster, will certainly kickstart your search engine learning on network flows!


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