Do you ever wake up during the night thinking about your IT environment? Do you dream of finding new ways to simplify operations across hybrid and multi-clouds? In this blog I will share some of the nightmares we’ve been told, what IT dreams are made of, and what self-driving operations powered by AI/ML means. You can also see it all in one place – and share it with your coworkers – in this poster, “Dreaming of Simplifying Your IT Operations Across Hybrid and Multi-Clouds” with VMware vRealize Operations.


IT Nightmares to Avoid

I can’t begin to think what your IT nightmares are because each environment is unique, and so many of you are truly spectacular and may not even have any nightmares. Although, we have heard quite a few, so I’ve consolidated them into these eight types of challenges and, when left unmanaged, really can become nightmares you’ll want to avoid.

  • Clouds as new silos
  • Migration headaches
  • Maintenance burdens
  • Over-provisioning
  • Unplanned work
  • Mismatched skills
  • Cost concerns
  • Stalled innovation

The Stuff of IT Dreams

If you’re familiar with any of the nightmares, you’re probably asking “What is the stuff of IT dreams?” Have you heard about self-driving operations? You may have it already, and you’ll hear us talk about it quite a bit. It’s our vRealize Operations vision for how to reduce complexity and manage IT operations. It’s a powerful strategy for automating and simplifying operations management by incorporating AI and ML to solve IT problems, resulting in greater efficiency and agility.

Unlike traditional tools, AI/ML-driven operations management provides:

  • Comprehensive data and policy-based control across your entire infrastructure, wherever you choose to run workloads
  • A way to optimize observable conditions against key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Proactive, real-time, and reliable optimization, remediation, and compliance leveraging advanced analytics with AI/ML intelligence

VMware vRealize Operations delivers self-driving operations powered by AI/ML through these four tenets:

  • Continuous performance optimization
  • Efficient capacity and cost management
  • Intelligent remediation
  • Integrated compliance


This is what dreams are made of so you can work more confidently, in a manner we call “hands-off and hassle-free”.


Wake Up to Self-Driving Operations

You can realize your IT operations management dreams by walking into your manager’s office with quantifiable results showing that you and your team are doing a fantastic job. Maybe some of you do that already. For those who don’t do it as often as you would like, you can show business and financial results with vRealize Operations, and here are several ways you can bring it home for your organization.

  • Reduction in unplanned downtime
  • Reduction in mean time to resolve (MTTR)
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Reduction in software licensing costs
  • Reduction in hardware costs
  • Reduction in storage costs
  • Improved ROI
  • Short payback period

In closing, managing IT operations across hybrid and multi-clouds doesn’t have to be a nightmare. VMware vRealize Operations can help you sleep better at night. To learn more details, download the poster, “Dreaming of Simplifying Your IT Operations Across Hybrid and Multi-Clouds?”.


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