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Cloud Automation Services – Touring some of the New Features – August 2019 Edition!

VMware is constantly and rapidly adding features to it’s SaaS Cloud Automation solutions.  In this post I’d like to highlight a few features:


Set Icons on Catalog Items (Service Broker)

Catalog items in Service broker when created have a default icon.  Now you have the ability to change the icon to whatever you choose, to something more relevant to your catalog entry.



Below you see the catalog items and here you can go in and customize the icon.


Select CHANGE ICON and point to the desired icon image.



Enable Custom Forms import / export in the custom Form Designer (Service Broker)

This is a great feature in Service Broker.  Maybe you want to share forms with other Organizations, or other individuals and vice versa.  You can export the forms as JSON file, or as a YAML file.  You can import an exported file into the catalog item.


Enhancements to the Action Editor (Cloud Assembly)


In the extensibility menu of Service broker you have you a sub-menu that allows you to create different types of actions.  There have been some modifications here to enhance the user experience.


Day-2 action policies (Service Broker)

Now having day-2 action policies you can now limit the day-2 action that users can perform on their deployments.  For example you would like to limit day-2 actions to Power On, and Power Off.  You can easily achieve this.





Below you can see that the only day-2 actions available are Power Off / Power On.


Day-2 action – Adding tags (Service Broker and Cloud Assembly)

When look at provisioned deployments, you now have the ability to add Tags from the Day-2 actions drop down.  Once the Tag is added it will send that to the target system.  For example, if I deploy an application to vSphere, then the virtual machines in that application deployment will have the Tag added.  Let’s take a quick look.


Let’s add the Tag to a deployment


Select the resource and enter the Resource Tag.  Here we want to add a tag that will indicate that the deployment resources are to have the category of PCI and the tag that is assigned is Banking.



Switching to the vSphere client where the Virtual Machine is created, if we look at the tag frame we now see the assigned tag.



I hope you all enjoy these new capabilities!


VMware Cloud Automation Solutions continue to add new capabilities every month, and is the best place to see details about these new capabilities as they hit! You can always see the newest features for yourself in the VMware hands on labs for VMware Cloud Automation Solutions or by heading over to and signing up for a trial!



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