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Announcing VMware vRealize Operations Cloud: AI/ML Based Monitoring as a Service

Along with the announcement of VMware vRealize Operations 8.0, we are also introducing a new way to align your operations model to your cloud model by deploying and consuming this powerful platform for monitoring, troubleshooting, costing, capacity and compliance – as a service. Today we are excited to announce the technical preview of vRealize Operations Cloud, a VMware Cloud service.

You know that vRealize Operations supports customers in their cloud journey with visibility and management of hybrid cloud. With vRealize Operations Cloud, customers will also align IT operations with a hybrid model using the same capabilities as the on-premises version starting with the 8.0 release, but with additional benefits, including:

  • Accelerated service and innovation delivery
  • Pay as you go with no upfront costs
  • Unified visibility across clouds
  • Consistent and flexible control

If you are interested in SaaS, sign up today to participate in the vRealize Operations Cloud beta.

Accelerated Services and Innovation

vRealize Operations is easy to deploy and manage, but it still involves a bit of planning and ongoing administration of the cluster infrastructure, sizing, capacity and health and availability. For modern IT operations, lower overhead is a key component in efficiency and cost reduction.

With vRealize Operations Cloud, you will be up and running quickly without the bother of provisioning or handling on-going maintenance of your cluster. Our highly skilled SREs will build, monitor and manage things for you around the clock, while you simply enjoy the benefits of powerful AI/ML capabilities to achieve value and efficiency for your hybrid cloud SDDC.

Onboarding vRealize Operations Cloud is as simple as deploying a Cloud Proxy in your hybrid cloud SDDC and creating Cloud Accounts for each vCenter you wish to monitor. See this demo video showing how easy it is to get started.

Additionally, as vRealize Operations continues to improve and add new capabilities, the customers using vRealize Operations Cloud will be able to see those new features first. The release cycle will be accelerated for vRealize Operations Cloud and upgrades will be done for you by VMware, further reducing administrative overhead and giving you back your nights and weekends.

An example of one new innovation in vRealize Operations 8.0 is shown below in the new AI/ML powered Troubleshooting Workbench, which accelerates the analysis of problems in your SDDC to deliver faster time to identify and resolve issues.

The new Troubleshooting Workbench, powered by AI/ML

Pay As You Go

Consumption-based pricing delivers the best value. You don’t pay for your groceries three years in advance, so why should you pay for your software before you need to use it? With vRealize Operations Cloud, you will get 100% OpEx-based model with no upfront hardware assets or on-going maintenance required.

Built for Hybrid Cloud – And More!

If you are consuming hybrid cloud, you need an operational capability that understands that model and allows you to use concepts and capabilities that bridge on-premises and SDDC managed clouds, such as VMware Cloud on AWS.

With vRealize Operations Cloud you will get unified visibility for hybrid cloud and public cloud by easily adding Cloud Accounts for AWS and Microsoft Azure. These are supported out of the box, with no additional configuration required and loaded with content such as dashboards, views, alerts and more, to get you started quickly.

vRealize Operations Cloud features out of the box content for monitoring public cloud.

Also, customers consuming other VMware Cloud Services, such as vRealize Automation Cloud, can standardize their cloud management and will gain unified visibility by using the same Cloud Services Portal to consume vRealize Operations Cloud from anywhere in the world.

Consistency and Flexibility

If your workloads are running in your private cloud or in hybrid cloud, how you monitor and manage virtual machines shouldn’t require an attitude adjustment. Seamless management is what we will deliver in vRealize Operations Cloud. You will get the same tools for managing on-premises or hybrid cloud SDDC, so there’s no re-training or rebuilding customized content. For example, if you have custom dashboards and views that you have built in vRealize Operations, you will easily import those into vRealize Operations Cloud and use them as you have been, without modification.

And as mentioned, vRealize Operations Cloud will offer the same feature-packed payload as vRealize Operations 8.0 so be sure to check out the What’s New blog post to learn more.

What's New in vRealize Operations 8.0

Get Started

See how easy it is to get started with vRealize Operations Cloud by viewing this video of how to deploy a Cloud Proxy in your SDDC and configuring cloud accounts.

If you are interested in SaaS, sign up today to participate in the vRealize Operations Cloud beta.



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