Cloud Automation Services (CAS) continues to drive new feature and capabilities that improve, simplify, and enhance the user experience.  As you all know, CAS consists of 3 services, Cloud Assembly, Service Broker, and Code Stream.  Let’s touch on a couple of new enhancement capabilities – Blueprint Publishing and Blueprint Sharing.


Blueprint Sharing


During the creation of a new blueprint in Cloud Assembly, you now have the option to create a private blueprint that is restricted to the selected project, or one that will be shared across ALL the projects in the CAS Organization.


Cloud Assembly – Restrict or share with project(s)


Blueprint Publishing


To Publish blueprints to Service Catalog  you must version the blueprint, and then release it to Service Broker.  Previously, this was a 2-step process.


Blueprint – Create a new blueprint version


When versioning a blueprint – now you can choose to “Release this version to the catalog”, which will automatically push it into the Service Broker catalog.


Cloud Assembly – Blueprint Versioning


Small enhancements that improve the consumer experience.  Enjoy!


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