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Code Stream – Cool Pipeline Tour!

Have you had a chance to check out the new Code Stream? It’s been completely revamped as part of Cloud Automation Services! Not only is it a ton more useable, it’s also way easier to get started with. Chris McClanahan did a blog recently outlining all of the different endpoint types we can interact with now.

We’re tackling a ton of new use cases with Code Stream – everything from Infrastructure pipelining to native integration with platforms like Git, Docker, and Kubernetes.

In the below video, I take a tour of a couple of interesting pipelines that each solve some unique problems in an environment. These pipeline examples are…

  • Deploying a Kubernetes cluster with a Code Stream Pipeline
  • Building a set of Docker images and deploying an application to a Kubernetes clusterr
  • Building a vSphere Template
  • Deploying a static site

In these pipelines, we can start to see the new ways that code stream enables both Developers and DevOps practitioners to interact with both the Cloud Automation Services platform as well as some of the platforms that are most common to their daily life.

Wrapping Up

Are you interested in seeing more? Head over to to dive in! You can sign up for a trial and take things for a spin!


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