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Cloud Automation Services – Enhanced Machine List View

We’ve highlighted several usability enhancements across the Cloud Automation Services (CAS) platform since it went generally available late last year. While CAS continues to be a feature rich platform, sometimes the most impactful things we can do are small tweaks to the UI/UX. In the case of this months feature additions, we’ve improved the way that customers can interact with the objects within a deployment in cloud automation services. We refer to this as the “Grid View”, or a Machine List view!

Improvements to Deployments View

This month, we’ve introduced a new view for our Deployments list which enables a streamlined way to interact with the objects within a deployment.

This request has been a constant point of feedback from our customers during demos and engagements. Previously, we would have to enter into each of the deployments in order to interact with the items. In the case of vSphere Machines in a Hybrid Cloud scenarios, these interactions could be Power On/Power Off operations, Snapshot operations, Resize operations, and much more.

Accessing The New View

We make it really easy to get to this view! See the GIF below as a walk through! From within this view, you can see how easy it is to access and work from this view!

Wrapping Up

We continue to focus not just on adding new capabilities into the platform but also on making adjustments to the overall usability of the platform. Best of all, since this is a SaaS based platform, these enhancements go in immediately without having to wait for a hotfix or a rollup pack! To see more about how Cloud Automation Services can help you get started deploying services across Hybrid Cloud environments, go take a look at and start a trial today!


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