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VMware Cloud Management Helps Sell 4 Million Avengers Tickets in India

What does VMware technology in general, and Cloud Management in particular, have to do with one of the most popular movie franchises in the world – The Avengers?

Read this article from TechObserver to find out!

Whether you are a fan of sci-fantasy type of movies, or prefer more realistic depiction of the reality – we are all now operating in a virtual world (at least the IT aspect of it), and I find this news very exciting. Just like other industries, entertainment is experiencing digital transformation probably faster than anybody else. Tickets sales, mostly done online now through different pervasive interfaces and devices, are applying highly-fluctuating loads on ticketing applications. This article tells the story of latest installment of The Avengers in Chinese and Indian markets – and how it was supported by the VMware technology.


Here is a quick excerpt from the article:

“In India, the leading online ticket booking platform .com reported that the Avengers Endgame was shattering all its previous records for the highest number of advance tickets sold for a Hollywood film. The company said it sold 2.8 million advance tickets, averaging 18 tickets sold per second and predicted that as many as 4 million tickets will be sold on the first day of the show itself.”

The article describes how VMware solution – vSphere, vSAN, vCloud Suite and Wavefront – enabled Avengers (/Marvel) movie fans to trust BookMyShow to book their tickets prior to the movie’s release, avoiding long wait times and system delays to reserve their seat well in advance.



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