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Getting Started with VMware Cloud Automation Services

On February 20th, we will be hosting another “Getting More out of VMware” webinar.  This one will be on how to get started with VMware Cloud Automation Services.  You won’t want to miss this one!

In this webinar we will provide a quick overview of the VMware Cloud Automation Services (Service Broker, Cloud Assembly, and Code Stream), and very quickly transition into a live demonstration.  VMware Cloud Automation Services was made generally available on January 15, 2019, and we have much to show you.


Hicham (he-sham) Mourad, Group Manager, Technical Marketing, VMware
Cody De Arkland, Technical Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware


Here are just a few examples of what we’ll be talking about: We will drill down into the Service Broker self service portal where consumers would request and deploy workloads across one or multiple clouds.



Then we will cover Cloud Assembly designer where the administrators can build the constructs for agile workload and application delivery in a sleek UI canvas, and the coders among you can do the same directly in YAML. All you need to build, deploy and run workloads in a multi-cloud world.


And finally, we will explore Code Stream component where you can integrate into your existing CI (continuous integration) tools and processes, to build, optimize and troubleshoot your release automation and orchestration functions.  Your developers will love you!



This session will be primarily live demonstration addressing the common business challenges that organizations experience today when dealing with a multi-cloud world and how VMware Cloud Automation Services can address these challenges.  Join to learn more about VMware Cloud Automation.



Register for this and other upcoming “Getting More out of VMware” webinars here.


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