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Introducing the vRealize Automation Plugin for ITSM version 5.0

Being able to provide a single pane of glass for IT self service requests provides huge value to an organization by greatly reducing their operating expenses (OpEx). It also speeds up the pace at which the business can innovate and stay on top of competition. For vRealize Automation customers that also use ServiceNow, customers can achieve this via the newly updated ITSM plugin for vRealize Automation. Once installed, the plugin will expose the vRealize Automation catalog directly within ServiceNow.

In this newly released version 5.0 of the ITSM plugin for vRealize Automation, a number of improvements have been made, including:

Easier plug-in configuration: With version 5.0, plugin installation is much faster, and the installation process has been greatly simplified, allowing you to achieve value out of the plugin as quickly and easily as possible. Neither SSO, nor ADFS setup is required. Also, RBAC of the plug-in is independent from vRealize Automation’s RBAC.

Multi-vRealize Automation Support: The ITSM plugin now supports the ability to connect a single ServiceNow instance to multiple vRealize Automation deployments. Expose vRealize automation catalog items from vRA deployments across multiple geos, or from Dev, Test, and Production deployments, all depending on what you would like end users to consume and from the locations you specify.

Day 2 Action Enhancements: vRealize Automation has a very robust extensibility engine built into actions that can be performed against deployed and managed workloads. The ITSM plugin now supports the complete set of of Day 2 actions from vRealize Automation, allowing the right level of controls to be granted to end users. The plugin now supports Day 2 actions that have their own request form, and also XaaS-based actions. By providing additional Day 2 action support, greater automation can be provided to IT.

Improved Admin Actions: There are a number of administration improvements made with this new plugin, including;

  • Automatic importing of catalog items and resources from vRealize Automation into ServiceNow
  • The ability to view and request entitled catalog items in the ServiceNow portal
  • Seamless integration with the ServiceNow governance engine
  • The ability to view provisioned resources in ServiceNow’s CMDB

vRealize Business Support: The plugin also supports vRealize Business (vRB), which means that during the request process, users will be able to see the costing data directly from vRB. Costs will be updated based on selections that users provide directly in ServiceNow.

The ITSM v5.0 plugin can be used directly with any vRealize Automation 7.5 environment, and supports ServiceNow London. This plugin has been certified by VMware, and support is provided directly through VMware GSS. Download the plugin today! To learn more, visit the ITSM 5.0 plugin download page here: https://marketplace.vmware.com/vsx/solutions/vmware-vrealize-automation-plug-in-for-itsm-5-0-0

For more info, see the following overview video:


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