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Proactive Monitoring in a Reactive World

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The MTTI Game

First, let’s discuss the issue or issues depending on how you define the problem. “We” live in a reactive, instant gratification world. So too, do our business operations and critical business application teams.

·      Definition of “We”: IT team or siloed IT teams who are involved in managing day to day IT operations for efficient administration of the full IT stack across datacenter, public, private, and hybrid clouds.

·      Goal of “We”: Transition from “We” to “The Team”.

Proactive Monitoring in a Reactive World | Blue Medora

When applications start crawling to a halt or even worse seize up and crash, we instantly go into reactive mode. We postulate and hypothesize on who or what the culprit might be. We hold emergency team meetings where we play MTTI, or Mean Time to Innocence, where we clearly validate why it’s “not me” or “not my teams issue”. We may go even further and incriminate another team as the offender or cause of the failure based on our view of the data.

Why do we always blame others? I guess the more important question really is, why do we continue to do this repeatedly­­­­ every time we have a failure or an outage or any kind of service issue?

We continue with this blame charade because our organizations still lack true operational visibility into the entire data centers and operations teams. Organizations continue to use a myriad of IT operations monitoring platforms which each uniquely identify where the problem lies, resulting in differing root causes. The problem with multiple monitoring platforms is that they don’t talk to each other, they don’t speak the same language or monitor the same metrics and data. The conclusions are conflicting and confusing to the teams using these multiple monitoring platforms.

True Operational Visibility

There is a better way to find out where the problem lies. When we combine the power of VMware vRealize Operations Manager with Blue Medora’s True Visibility Suite we create a single source of truth across all the operational teams. We not only give the teams powerful depth into their virtual, physical, and application performance; We also give the teams the ability to change their organizational processes from being reactive to a proactive one. An organization that gets ahead of the potential issues and problems before they become one.

·      Power of vRealize Operations Manager and Blue Medora True Visibility Suite

Proactive Monitoring in a Reactive World | Blue Medora


The power and scope of vRealize Operations Manager has been relegated to the virtual level and it does a tremendous job of giving administrators proactive insight into their virtual data center. Now that same power and scope has been unleashed through the entire application stack. Providing true visibility down through the physical compute, network, and storage objects and up through the critical databases, middleware and applications that support your entire business organization and your clients who all depend on these services to perform optimally.

With the Blue Medora TVS – True Visibility Suite we gain critical insight into thousands of vendor object metrics all analyzed and relationally mapped to their corresponding objects automatically. This extensibility creates a digital map of all the critical applications. From individual VM instances across unique database targets; through corresponding host, compute, network, and storage objects with granular details of power consumption, port usage, LUN and Volume metrics, disk stats, and thousands more all organized and customized to the desired view of operations environments.

Proactive Monitoring in a Reactive World | Blue Medora


This is all delivered through plug and play management packs created by Blue Medora with vendor collaborations across tier 1 manufacturer technologies present in almost every data center around the globe today. With out of the box dashboards and reporting and customizable views across the critical manufacturers solutions that form the backbone of the data operations we unlock the true potential of vRealize Operations Manager. With these integrations and extensions across AWS and Microsoft Azure, HP, Cisco, Dell/EMC, Oracle and many more, we have the most powerful proactive monitoring solution available.

Proactive Monitoring in a Reactive World | Blue Medora


Transitioning From “We” To “The Team” Is Easy

Delivering True Operational Visibility should be the goal of any operations team. With VMware vRealize Operations Manager and Blue Medora True Visibility Suite, that is exactly what organizations across the globe are discovering.

If we were tasked with flying around the world and we lacked the critical gauges and technology to keep track of every element and object of the vessel would we trust our life to that scenario?

Why fly blind and react when we can fly with absolute clarity and be proactive. We would if our life depended on it. What about the life of our business and our critical services?

Ready to stop the finger pointing and MTTI game? Learn how Blue Medora’s True Visibility Suite for vRealize Operations Manager can change the game for your organization today.

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