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vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 1.2 – Introducing Content Management and Integrated Marketplace

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) 1.2 is coming soon! We are excited to announce the new release of vRSLCM, the key to simplifying the management of your VMware cloud management platform and extracting the most value quickly. This release moves beyond vRealize Suite products and extends its lifecycle management capabilities to infrastructure and IT content.  The new integrated marketplace delivers an “App Store” like experience for customers to easily consume out-of-the-box content curated by VMware and ecosystem partners. The new content management capability allows IT teams to treat infrastructure content in a way similar to how developers treat applications, and enables end-to-end content lifecycle management with its prebuilt CI/CD type-pipelines.


Integrated Marketplace

VMware VSX marketplace is where customers get the out-of-the-box solutions developed by VMware and its ecosystem partners. vRSLCM integrates the marketplace into its platform, and lets customers have a direct access to relevant and product-compatible content, including vRealize Operations management packs, vRealize Log Insight content packs, vRealize Automation blueprints and vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins. Customers can now browse, download and deploy the content to fuel their vRealize environments, such as speeding up 3rd party integration or quickly deploying complex applications. And there is another nice feature! You will get notified when a new version of your downloaded content becomes available.

Content Management

As the biggest highlight in this release, vRSLCM 1.2 is introducing the new content management capabilities. The new set of features allow customers to build and run infrastructure content as applications. Through prebuilt content pipelines, IT teams can adopt the same DevOps approach as dev teams commonly leverage (such as CI/CD), and be able to work collaboratively with dev teams to achieve higher speed, quality and consistency across dev, test and production environments.

  • Pre-build content pipelines – Automate the end-to-end content management workflow, including automated content capture, test and release, for vRA blueprints and vRO workflows. Automated tests ensure correct configuration before deployment.

  • Source control integration and versioning – In-built support for check-in and check-out of content (with dependencies) to source control. Multiple teams can collaborate with a common repository of version controlled content.

  • Content dependency support – Content with dependency can be managed, developed and released independently while still maintaining consistent link to other content. It provides visibility into complex content architecture and flexibility to tackle individual components.

and many more features!


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