Should You Care About vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager?


Enterprise Management Associates recently published an EMA Quick Take on VMware vRealize Suite 2017. The report outlines the key capabilities and important features of vRealize Suite 2017. EMA Research Director Torsten Volk authored the report.

The key EMA findings in the report are that the latest release of vRealize Suite provides accelerated deployment and a lower OPEX by including a central UI, a simplified deployment process and a much more robust configuration and integration process. In the report, EMA highlights all of the capabilities of vRealize Suite.

“The new vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) provides one central user interface (UI) tying together the formerly fragmented and complex deployment process for new vRealize environments.”

– Torsten Volk, EMA Research Director

The key values to customers, according to Volk, include: Deployments, upgrades, configuration, and day 2 management of the VMware vRealize Suite in less time and with reduced risk. The report continues with first looks at the deployment wizard, which simplifies the deployment process; and a new operations management dashboard to automate on-ongoing configuration.

“A simplified installation process paired with a single pane of glass for operations and configuration management will make the product more attractive for mid-large-sized enterprises.”

– Torsten Volk, EMA Research Director


Watch vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager in Action

For our vRealize Suite customers, you just need a few clicks to quickly install and configure a brand new vRealize deployment or upgrade an existing vRealize environment. If you’d like to see vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) in action, you can watch this video in which VMware Staff Architect Jimmy Alvarez walks you through a detailed overview of the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. This will give you the best taste of how vRSLCM works and how it can simplify your VMware cloud operations.

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