Our customers love to tell us what’s working, what they love, and what could be better. And we love to hear it! That’s why we collaborated with IT Central Station to interview VMworld attendees in Las Vegas to gather written and video reviews on our products; in this case, vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation, and vRealize Network Insight. I’ve read over 130 reviews in the past few weeks, and there are some clear themes that jump out in customer narratives:

  • VMware solutions deliver uncommon visibility into the overall health and performance of IT environments across clouds;
  • Customers love how easy the solutions are to use;
  • People are saving time and money, which adds up to value.

Generally, customers have given us pretty high marks for delivering that single pane of glass everyone is looking for. Our customers are delivering apps to their customers faster through application blueprinting and seeing downline savings when those apps can be scaled faster. And we all know that adds up pretty quick to more IT innovation.

Jump directly to the reviews at any time, but read on to get my highlights:

Simplified IT

Customer reviews consistently cited greater efficiency, better resource utilization and both Capex and Opex savings. One customer noted that vRealize Automation’s pre-configured solutions helped him to save Opex due to lower training and skill requirements:

“A user can go into the marketplace, pick out a pre-configured solution, and deploy that without having a highly-skilled employee specifically for this role.”

Others cited Capex savings, such as:

vRealize Automation cuts out a lot of waste and underutilized hardware.”

Still another cited that the most valuable feature of vRealize Automation was the governance system:

“The most valuable feature is the governance system around deployment of solutions. It cuts out a lot of waste, unutilized hardware, and improves performance.”

Public and Hybrid Cloud

Another trend that surfaced, not surprisingly, is that hybrid cloud is real and prevalent, with many customers praising VMware cloud management solutions for how well they manage other components, such as AWS:

“I like the fast provisioning and integration with public cloud. Our customers want the VMs to be up and running as early as possible. Also, some of our customers need their workloads to be running on the public clouds like AWS to minimize the cost. Using vRealize Automation, we can easily integrate AWS and can provision VMs on them.”

Greater Visibility

Another key theme was appreciation for the holistic perspective delivered through vRealize Operation. A couple reviews in particular spoke to this:

‘With vRealize Ops, you don’t have to stick your finger in the air and guess. Takes the guess work out of it and creates a uniform process. “

“(vRealize Operations) gives complete visibility in the form of cache nodes and the health of all our virtual machines and clusters at all levels. And it gives deeper insight into a particular element of the health of the company, each of the virtual machines and storage. It gives a single point of reference to have a complete view and monitoring of the infrastructure layer, at all levels. You can categorize what kind of alerts you want to get into, and what is the performance of a typical virtual machine. It gives us complete insights.”

Doing More with Less

“It saves me a lot of time. Having that quick view into the environment saves a lot of time in my day. It also streamlines the process so I can drill down and see exactly what’s going on. Helps us resolve problems before they occur and more quickly resolve problems. The dashboard enables quick action without having to dig, yet I can also drill down for details.”

vRealize Network Insight also received some great feedback:

“It provides us a map of what’s going on – on our network. And it allows us to start microsegmentation. vRealize Network Insight is helping us to scope our firewall rules.”

“Instead of gathering so many resources, such as, multiple system engineers, network engineers, and search engineers, now it’s all in one shop. One person can actually troubleshoot the issue without bringing in so many people. The troubleshooting time has been greatly reduced.”

Clearly customers are making huge strides in their cloud journey, and we are happy to be sharing it with them. Thanks to our customers for taking the time to provide these valuable user reviews!


Do you use vRealize and love it? Tell us by writing a user review for vRealize Operations or vRealize Automation.


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