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VMware Continues as #1 Vendor in Worldwide Data Center Automation

The latest IDC report is out and it should come as no surprise that VMware is once again in the top spot globally for datacenter automation software. If you are unfamiliar with IDC’s market share report on “Worldwide Datacenter Automation Software Market Shares”, it’s based on examining the leading vendor shares and market trends from the previous year. In this case, it’s for all of 2016.

VMware has been the market leader in the space, as shown by IDC, for many years and for this past year IDC has once again ranked VMware as the #1 vendor after we garnered the largest market share of 28.6% and estimated revenues in the space of $668.9 million. Beyond this the entire market continues to grow and IDC currently estimates it at $2.3 billion, up 3.5% from last year.

As the market evolves and customers continue to automate their datacenter (or cloud) workloads, VMware has the software to make it happen.  This should come as no surprise since we have been able to maintain our leadership and investments in this area. VMware’s vRealize Suite delivers a comprehensive cloud management platform for this purpose. It can manage hybrid (multi-cloud) environments across on-premises and public clouds. It speeds up the delivery of IT services through automation and pre-defined policies, providing high level of agility and flexibility for developers and lines of business while maintaining governance and control.

As customers move towards an automated IT environment, we often see the following 3 use cases:

  • Intelligent Operations VMware delivers intelligent operations from applications to infrastructure to help organizations plan, manage and scale their SDDC across private and public clouds.
  • IT Automation VMware delivers day one service provisioning and day two operational capabilities across a hybrid cloud. These capabilities help IT organizations automate core IT processes, speed up infrastructure and application delivery and get the most out of both hardware and people resources.
  • Developer Cloud –VMware gives IT teams the ability to give their developers access through API, Catalog or CLI to traditional and cloud native application resources while simultaneously giving developers the freedom to use the tools of their choice.

Additionally, vRealize supports heterogeneous environments that are a mix of both traditional and Cloud Native applications, across VMs, containers and bare metal, running on private and public clouds.



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Complete results from IDC can be found in their most recent report: Worldwide Datacenter Automation Software Market Shares, 2016 (IDC #US41372217, June 2017)


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  1. I’m currently teaching a course on Virtualization and the focus is on VMWare for the reason that it still has the highest marketshare and is commonly used in many organizations and businesses.

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