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Only in This Session: VMware Cloud Management BU shows off our multi-cloud features

Spotlight session MGT3137SU: Multi-Cloud is Eating the World. Join the Party!

Only in this session will you be able to see in one place, how multiple VMware Cloud Management products (vRealize) can now, or will in the near future, support your multi-cloud use cases!

In this spotlight session, Sajai Krishnan, VMware Vice President of Product Marketing for Cloud Management BU, and our product management teams will share how our cloud management solutions can help you to be effective in this multi-cloud world.




You be the Judge!

The IT world of tomorrow will be multi-cloud, we know that much for sure; But how do you manage, secure, and analyze your IT in that new world? In this roadmap-level technical session, VMware Cloud Management product teams will share their existing technology and near-term vision for the management solutions in the multi-cloud world!
In an “American Idol” contest style, they will present several solutions covering a number of pain points:

  • Managing cloud risk, costs and capacity across different spaces
  • Deploying infrastructure and applications across different hypervisors, clouds, and environments using platform-agnostic provisioning blueprints
  • Securing applications and services deployed across multiple clouds
  • Leveraging cloud-agnostic pre-built content marketplace
  • Building a consistent platform for performance monitoring and troubleshooting at scale across clouds
You will be able to judge in real time how relevant each use case is to you, and whether you like the solution presented – the depth, the innovation, the ease of use, and other factors. You be the judge!

You will also hear from our customers who use multiple clouds today, and will share their experience and lessons learned.


How to RegisterPlanning to attend the upcoming VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas or Barcelona? This is still a good time to register, and see you soon!


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