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Making the Connection: SovLabs’ IPAM and DNS Integration Modules for vRealize Automation

Editor’s Note: vRealize Automation team has been working closely with partners to build ready-to-use plug-ins that easily connect vRA platform with other common IT tools across ecosystem. In this guest blog, David Coulter, CTO from SovLabs will introduce a group of plug-ins that can simplify the integration with your networking tools. SovLabs will co-present other integration solutions in ITSM domain at VMworld US 2017. Click to register now!

– [MGT1311BU] Deep Dive: VMware vRealize Automation and ServiceNow. August 31, 12:00-1:00 PM

By David Coulter, SovLabs

Previously, SovLabs announced an extensive set of integrations for vRealize Automation.  Since that time SovLabs has doubled down in multiple areas, including IPAM and DNS integration, expanding vendor and use case coverage.  The ability to automate the complete application service provisioning (and de-provisioning) is the uber goal of all vRA admins.  Automating the manual and semi-manual work enables rapid deployment of complex application stacks and business services.   Let’s step back a bit and discuss the business value of a vRA centric integration in the IPAM and DNS areas.

VMware’s vRealize® Suite enjoys dominant market share and continues to outgrow the market by a significant margin because they are proven solutions that offer extensive out-of-the-box capabilities, particularly for automating provisioning of compute and storage resources.  Increasing the automation level of provisioning and, equally important for dynamic on-demand cloud resources, de-provisioning of network resources is critical to increase time to value and reduce risk and rework for business application end users and cloud admins.

It is to address exactly this challenge that SovLabs has developed a family of inter-operable plug-in modules to render advanced network provisioning capabilities natively in vRealize Automation®.  Specifically, SovLabs’ IPAM and DNS Modules for vRealize Automation integrate with multiple leading 3rd-party IPAM and DNS suppliers to enable cloud administrators to deploy policy-driven profiles that ensure IP addresses and name server records are allocated, validated, documented and configured appropriately, 100% from within vRealize Automation. To ensure that the benefits of this seamless integration scale “in the real world”, SovLabs uniquely extends beyond single-solution provisioning and de-provisioning to provide the same transparent vRA automation even when multiple IPAM and DNS address management solutions, often from different vendors, are in use.

Unlike custom workflows and basic vRO plugins that require continuous effort and investment to maintain, all of SovLabs’ integration modules are standard products that install in minutes with demonstrated compatibility and full support.

The business benefits of the SovLabs vRA centric modules include:

Time to Value

  • Automated IP allocation
  • Automated IP deallocation
  • Reduced module installation time and rework

Risk Reduction

  • Reduce human errors and multiple serves on the same IP address / DNS name


  • Network resources allocation cycle time
  • Support multiple IPAM & DNS vendors in one vRA installation
  • Utilize vRA meta-data for extensibility use cases within IPAM and DNS policies
  • Easier migration and interoperability between vendors

 Sustainability at Scale

  • Avoid maintenance of custom point solutions

 Simplified Operations

  • All operations from within vRA
  • Reduces organization friction between cloud and network teams
  • Single-step IP allocation
  • Consistent architecture
  • Member of a family of compatible solutions that interoperate

SovLabs has extensive coverage across IPAM and DNS solutions (in alphabetical order):

Vendor Module
Infoblox IPAM, DNS
Men & Mice IPAM, DNS
Microsoft IPAM, DNS
SolarWinds IPAM, DNS


Check out the new SovLabs White Paper on IPAM and your hybrid cloud here.


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