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Download New vRealize Automation Blueprints to Speed Up Your Implementation

WVRA OOTB BPhen implementing any enterprise software, it’s important to have a solid foundation of content to help get you started on the right track. Out of the Box (OOTB) content is great not only for saving great amount of time during the implementation process, it also serves as a way to spark ideas as to what might be possible, what others have already done, and what best practices you should follow.


Through multiple rounds of internal surveys and customer interviews, we have identified a list of the most-wanted contents for vRealize Automation. Today we are happy to announce the availability of the first batch! Instead of spending weeks to define, develop and test a blueprint, simply visit the VMware Marketplace to download, import and configure the following new OOTB blueprints into your system in less than one hour.

These two blueprints enable IT admins to automatically execute one or more commands and scripts on specific Guest OS VMs upon provisioning.

This set of simple Anything as a Service (XaaS) blueprints deliver values instantly to IT admins, helping them easily manage AD/DNS related configurations.

This blueprint enables you to create a simple security group and to apply policy on it. The main purpose is to achieve application isolation by controlling inbound and outbound traffic. You can then leverage the new feature in vRA 7.3 to add/delete security group to an application.

  • F5 load balancer (Coming soon in a few days)


This collection of Infrastructure Blueprints and Anything as a Service (XaaS) blueprints are a great way to get started with your vRealize Automation implementation, or further the value of your existing environment. The following is a quick video showing how easily these blueprints can be imported:

Be sure to check out the other vRealize Automation content that’s available on the VMware Marketplace (, and stay tuned for more blueprints coming soon.

What’s Next

While we start working on the next batch, we need your help to continuously deliver what really matters to our valued customers, like you. Please leave your comment and feedback on our Marketplace when you try the new blueprints. See how to review contents below. We would love to hear from you!

Going to VMworld US next week? Now you have a chance to share your feedback and request to us directly. Register and join the group discussion below. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Monday, Aug 28


[MGT3038GU] Get the Most Out of vRealize Automation: Embracing the vRealize Automation Ecosystem
The VMware vRealize Automation platform is designed with flexible architecture that enables customization and extensibility. Join the group discussion to learn about the latest plug-ins you can leverage. More excitingly, let us know what we should build next to expedite your infrastructure and application stack design.


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