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Enabling DevOps with vRealize Automation and Puppet

Enterprise IT and DevOps teams are under tremendous pressure to efficiently deliver, operate and maintain infrastructure to support the needs of the business and its customers. It can take weeks to deliver production ready infrastructure and in response CIOs are looking for faster, self-service provisioning solutions.

Until recently, vRealize Automation (vRA) integrated with various configuration management tools (e.g.: Puppet, Chef, Salt) only via XaaS services and vRealize Orchestrator workflows.  Now we are making the integration one step closer…

With the latest release of vRealize Automation 7.3, configuration management is now a “first class” citizen in vRealize Automation. By leveraging the new configuration automation framework natively, customers can easily deploy, configure and manage production-ready applications with various external configuration management tools.

Puppet is the first eco-system partner to leverage the framework. With this customers can now seamlessly integrate with Puppet Enterprise directly via vRealize Automation GUI. Key capabilities includes:

  • Configuration Management Server/Puppet Master as an end-point in vRealize Automation
  • Single vRealize Automation instance supporting multiple Puppet Masters
  • Ability to drag and drop Puppet component in the vRA Blueprint design canvas
  • Automated installation of the Puppet agent and enable secure Puppet certificate signing for provisioning
  • Dynamically query Puppet Master, Environment and Roles in the vRA Blueprint design canvas
  • Dynamically assign Puppet Roles per vRA Blueprint component
  • Ability to do late binding whereby developers can select the Puppet Environment and Roles at provisioning time
  • Ability to import/export Blueprint in a YAML format with Puppet schema attached
  • Support Day 2 actions (automatic purging of decommissioned nodes and reclamation of puppet enterprise node license)



With vRealize Automation (Enterprise edition) and Puppet Enterprise, customers can now quickly benefit from the fully automated delivery of applications, middleware software and services, all exposed in a self-service catalog from weeks into minutes! The out of box integrations not only simplifies the developers to create and configure the virtual machines but also continuously enforce the desired state and ensure compliance with enterprise policies.


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