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Wavefront Customers are Aligned with Findings of the Leading DevOps Industry Research

2017 State of DevOps Wavefront
Wavefront is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 2017 State of DevOps Report, presented by Puppet and DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA).

With more than 27,000 responses from technical professionals, the State of DevOps Report is the most comprehensive and longest-running study of DevOps practices, and provides substantial evidence that these practices yield remarkable results. Here are some of the key findings you’ll see in the new report for 2017:

  • High-performing DevOps teams continue to achieve both faster deployment throughput and better stability including:

– 46x more frequent code deployments

– 96x faster mean time to recover from downtime

  • Automation is a huge boost for organizations. High-performing DevOps teams automate significantly more of their configuration management, testing, deployments and change approval processes. High-performers adopting DevOps practices are making sure their deployment pipelines are automated leading to lower failure rate. As a result, they can achieve faster throughput while also maintaining quality and stability.
  • Loosely coupled architectures combined with collaborative teams are the strongest predictor of continuous delivery processes
  • DevOps applies to all organizations. High-performers are twice as likely to achieve their own reported goals across both commercial goals such as productivity, customer count, and market share, as well as non-financial measures such as product quality, services quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Transformational leaders share 5 common characteristics that significantly shape an organization’s DevOps culture and practices, including vision, personal recognition, intellectual stimulation and others – all leading to high performance.


Wavefront customers are leading DevOps, SRE and developer teams at innovative SaaS enterprises that are staying at the forefront of industry and adopting the latest DevOps practices. Based on our work with leading digital enterprises, we are aligned with the report’s findings and observe further evidence that using metrics-driven analytics contributes to the transformative benefits of DevOps processes. In particular, here are some of the results our customers are reporting when adopting metric analytics to increase visibility into their application delivery pipelines:

  • DevOps team from a global online file sharing vendor reported 70% savings when using Wavefront by VMware analytics to analyze the cost of moving a critical service from a private to a public cloud environment.
  • DevOps engineers from a leading financial and tax processing company reported 50% faster troubleshooting time when using Wavefront by VMware metrics-driven analytics as their first pane of glass across all tooling.
  • A DevOps team from a major UK energy provider uses Wavefront by VMware to observe leading indicators of issues before their customers are impacted, dramatically reducing MTTR. They’re able to consolidate metrics across all infrastructure and applications including logs, configuration automation tooling (Puppet) and even compliance tools. This DevOps team is using Wavefront by VMware’s metrics-driven analytics to automate alerting. As a result, their SREs can get on top of early indicators of issues while freeing their application developers from unplanned work helping them focus on innovation instead.  This is fully aligned with this year’s State of DevOps findings that high-performing organizations spend less time on unplanned work and rework, and more time on new work.

In addition, VMware’s vRealize Automation software provides automation capabilities geared towards application development and deployment. These capabilities include authoring and executing complex blueprints that allow developers to consume infrastructure, application middleware and run times via easy to use service catalog entries. Additional capabilities in the platform are geared towards pipeline automation including versioning, testing, releasing and rollback to provide efficient release management functionality to software defined content authors – in essence helping core IT personnel adopt DevOps practices of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

vRealize Automation and Wavefront by VMware together provide a broad set of capabilities that allows customers to embrace DevOps principles and methods in their quest to improve productivity, quality of software releases and helps them achieve their business goals of remaining competitive and gaining market share.You can take a tour of vRealize Automation software and its DevOps capabilities here

To summarize, Wavefront customers that embrace DevOps, and utilize metrics-driven analytics for visibility have overall similar results as reported in this year’s State of DevOps report.  Exploring the Wavefront by VMware software is easy – get started here.

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