VMware is pleased to announce the availability of a new vRealize Suite ROI calculatorDownload your free report today.
vRealize Suite ROI calculatorMany VMware customers like you are also modernizing data centers and integrating public clouds to address their digital transformation agenda.  VMware’s vRealize Suite, the market’s leading enterprise-ready Cloud Management Platform, can help you reach your IT goals.  But how can you justify a Cloud Management Platform investment?

vRealize Suite ROI Calculator

vRealize Suite ROI Calculator 2

The vRealize Suite ROI calculator can help you learn more about the key cost and benefit drivers that help to make the business case for a Cloud Management Platform.  Just select the type of use case you are trying to address and adjust a few default numbers about your virtual environment.  And voila!  The calculator will immediately give you an estimate in terms of the potential ROI, payback period, and net benefits.  You can even download a free report that you can share with your colleagues.  Click here to get your free vRealize ROI report today.

Cloud Management Challenges

Like you, many VMware customers find managing today’s app environments is becoming more complex from increased scale, more dynamic workloads, and adoption of multi-cloud computing.  Many also aspire to build and operate a private cloud that is efficient, delivers resources on a time scale appropriate for the business.  And it provides a user experience that meets the expectations of Lines of Business (LOBs).  Others need to manage both private and multiple public clouds in a way that allows IT to exercise an appropriate level of control without inserting intrusive governance.  It should not negatively impact developer and LOB efficiency or their satisfaction with the delivered services.

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To learn more about how VMware Cloud Management Platform solutions can help you with such challenges, visit us online at VMware vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite.  See how you can jump start your Modernize Data Centers initiative or Integrate Public Clouds initiative with VMware.

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