vRealize Operations 6.6 gets sleeker and sexier in it’s new skin!

On June 13, many of the vRealize Suite components (namely vRealize Operations (vR Ops), vRealize Log Insight (vRLI), and vRealize Business for Cloud (vRBC) had an update GA release.  With this latest release of vR Ops a big focus has been on “simplifying the user experience” and “quicker time to value”.  We really want to simplify the lives of “Anita” the VI Admin, “Brian” the Infrastructure and Operations Admin, “Ethan” the Fire Fighter.

The slick new HTML 5 UI is based on the Clarity Design System.  Upon login to vR Ops you will see the following screen.  You will notice that in the left-hand pane we have single-click links to commonly used environment overview dashboards, including Workload Balancing, as well as bringing Log Analytics, and Business and Cost Insights all into one place – vR Ops.



See the FULL picture!

While we’re here let us first take a quick peek at bringing together Log Analytics with vR Ops.  We commonly refer to this as “360 degree troubleshooting” as you are able to troubleshoot across structured and unstructured data in one place.


See the BIG picture!

Secondly, take a look at how Cloud Costing and vR Ops come together.  Imagine being able to do things like capacity management or forecasting and being able to see the cost associated with these activities, or looking at reclaiming capacity and being able to associate a dollar figure to the potential cost (and resource) savings.


BALANCE your life, yes you “Anita”, “Brian” and “Ethan”!

WOW, how about the enhanced Workload Balancing?  Validate and modify DRS settings; Rebalance unbalanced Data Centers or Custom Data Centers, and Automate!


Persona-Based Content

Let’s head over to the DASHBOARD page.  Start with the “Getting Started” dashboard.  This is a Persona-Based dashboard that allows the user to look at five different categories of dashboards and very quick open any of them from there.  These categories are: Operations, Capacity & Utilization, Performance Troubleshooting, Workload Balance, and Configuration & Compliance.  Included in there are also vSAN dashboards as well as vRealize Automation (vRA) dashboards.  In this release both vSAN and vRA are natively supported, so anyone using vSAN or vRA can quickly take advantage of this native support.


Resolve Issues Faster

What about Alerting?  You can now slice-and-dice alerts any which way you want to help you accelerate resolving alerts and fixing issues faster.


Secure the Software Defined Data Center

So what about securing the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)?  Well, that’s really important!  You can now install – out of band – PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance content for the vSphere environment.  This helps organizations with regulatory requirements improve their compliance posture.



vRealize Operations 6.6 has made some incredible improvements inspired by many of you out there that continue to challenge VMware and the Cloud Management Business Unit to do better!  Thank you!  Simplification; quicker time to value; persona-based dashboards and troubleshooting flows; enhanced fully automatable workload balancing; improved alerting to resolve issues quicker, and better securing the SDDC, are just scratching the surface of what vRealize Operations and vRealize Suite can help you with.  I hope you enjoy this release!


Download and Try vRealize Operations 6.6 here!


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  1. I just upgraded to VROPS 6.6, and it’s still the old client, not the new HTML5 client. Any idea how to enable this or what to check?

    1. HI Brian.
      When you upgrade to vR Ops 6.6, you need to apply 2 PAK files. The first one is the underlying Linux OS update, and the second is the vR Ops application updates. My guess is that you have applied the first PAK file, but not the second yet.

      The first PAK file is:
      Name: vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-OS-
      Release Date: 2017-06-13
      Build Number: 5707160

      The second PAK file is:
      Name: vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-
      Release Date: 2017-06-13
      Build Number: 5707160

      Please make sure you apply both. You can download them from the following link.

      best of luck.

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