vRealize Operations – The #1 Virtualization Management Solution

Thousands of customers worldwide already recognize vRealize Intelligent Operations as the smart choice for managing hybrid environments. Independent reviewers on IT Central Station consistently rank vRealize Operations the #1 virtualization management solution (based on product reviews, ratings and comparisons). These reviewers cite the choice as a “no brainer,” because of the stability, enterprise-class features, depth and integration with other VMware products as the reason for their choice.

With this week’s release, we confirm what these reviewers already know, that VMware leads the market for operations management because it is the obvious choice. The release offers innovative new features across the suite, with key advances in cloud, automation and SDDC management. Customers like Bharti Airtel are a reflection of the commitment to the vRealize Intelligent Operations suite.

Bharti Airtel is committed to delivering best-in-class service experience to its 280 million plus customers. To enable a seamless service experience on this scale and ensure continuity at all times, we are transitioning all our applications to private cloud and are leveraging VMware’s vRealize Operations to help us monitor our infrastructure as well as do future capacity planning. This has given elasticity and scalability to our business and added to the overall customer experience.”

Cloud Management/Costing

One of the most exciting aspects of the new release is the advancements made in cloud management. According to Mitch Wagner, Editor at Enterprise Cloud News, “The cost-cutting vRealize Business for Cloud 7.3 was most intriguing.”

By more tightly integrating vRealize Business with vRealize Operations, we are providing a platform for operations teams to have meaningful conversations with cloud planning/costing teams, business units and executive management. This integration repositions the operations team, empowering them with meaningful, actionable financial metrics. The information helps drive business decisions about where and how to place workloads (on premise vs. cloud environments like Amazon and Microsoft).


This integration can now be paired with the new and free VMware Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA), which helps customers make better cost decisions as they migrate workloads to private and public clouds. It’s fast and easy, and provides cloud cost insights in less than 3 hours.

Continuing with the theme of cloud management, we are introducing vRealize Network Insight 3.4, which includes a new Enterprise edition to allow management of AWS-based network and security. With this release, customers utilize the full spectrum of AWS security features to set more elaborate data retention policies and longer periods for deeper historical analysis.

Automation and Ease-of-Use

Under the theme of automation, we are announcing new Automated Workload Placement capabilities that bring the best of vSphere’s DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) together with the predictive analysis capabilities of vRealize Operations 6.6. This linkage allows customers to view and set DRS settings directly from vRealize Operations, resulting in automated, intelligent placement of workloads based on a customer’s business requirements. vRealize Operations predicts anomalies and potential issues, telling DRS to make a change or shift a workload BEFORE a performance issue occurs. This feature also ensures proper initial placement, utilizing Operations analytics to optimize placement of workloads through vRealize Automation.

In addition, we have dramatically simplified the product by focusing on key personas, including Performance, Operations, Compliance and Capacity. When getting started with vRealize Operations 6.6, customers immediately know where to go, getting actionable information that is specific to their role.


Plan, Manage and Scale the SDDC

Next-generation management depends on a consistent operational model across the SDDC and public cloud. With this release, we are announcing several new features and integrations that simplify management, providing a consistent and integrated view across the pillars of compute, network and storage.

Native vSAN Management – vRealize Operations 6.6 includes native management of VMware’s vSAN, meaning customers manage virtual storage without acquiring additional software. Also, a new set of custom dashboards are included, tailored to provide VSAN visibility and troubleshooting capabilities. This integration provides a comprehensive view into performance and capacity of the vSAN environment, as well as deep troubleshooting capabilities of vSAN clusters. Once an issue is detected, customers can take advantage of vRealize Operations actions to correct it.

Log Insight Integration – Continuing with the integration theme, vRealize Operations 6.6 offers in-context integration with in our Log Insight product, allowing managers to view both structured and unstructured data (logs) from a single console. Events and alerts in vRealize Operations are now enriched with log file data, saving precious time when an operations team is diagnosing a mission-critical issue.

To learn more about our exciting new release, please refer to the vRealize Intelligent Operations homepage.


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