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Announcing VMware vRealize Log Insight 4.5 release – What’s New

We’re pleased to announce the new release of vRealize Log Insight 4.5. You can download the new release here.

Full 360-Degree Log Integration with vRealize Operations

Full Integration in-context within vRealize Operations

  1. Direct launch into Log Insight Dashboard
  2. Direct launch into Log Insight Interactive Analytics mode
  3. Object auto-initiated log management
  4. vRealize Operations Alerts auto-initiated log management

Customers can now become troubleshooting experts. They can open up vRealize Operations and cross-stack via guided dashboards and integration with Log Insight for last mile root cause analysis with metrics and logs side-by-side and in context. The customer now has four ways to interact and open Log Insight within vRealize Operations. They can open up Log Insight directly in either the Dashboard View or Interactive View.



Otherwise the customer can leverage the power of Object auto-initiated context to double-click and view logs associated with specific objects identified within vRealize Operations.

Another way to utilize Log Insight within vRealize Operations is double-click on vRealize Operation Alerts. Once an Alert occurs, you can click on and open an instance of Log Insight to find the specifics regarding the Alert via detailed logs.


New Server Capabilities

  • vUpdated Log Insight RESTful API’s
  • vComprehensive Single Sign-On Support

Improved Agent Capabilities

  • vAgent multi-destination


For more in-depth review Log Insight 4.5 updates:


Log Insight server 

  •  VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) is recommended for vRealize Log Insight. Native Active Directory is still supported with Log Insight 4.5 but will be removed in a later version. 
  •   Added API to query alert execution and notification history
  •   Added ability to set maximum time-to-live for idle hosts
  •   Added ability to specify basic authentication for webhooks
  •   Event forwarder now supports RFC 6587 octet-framing
  •   New product configuration APIs added


General UI Items

  •    Dashboard legend mouse-over in one widget now highlights corresponding chart items across widgets
  •    Added ability to show a given time across all dashboard chart widgets simultaneously


Agent Items

  •    Added ability to send unaltered raw syslog to destination server 
  •    Added ability for agent syslog parser to extract structured data from log events and share w/ server 
  •    Added ability for agent syslog parser to parse PRI, PROCID, and MSGID syslog fields (
  •    Added support for sending logs to multiple destinations 
  •    Added directory wildcard support 


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