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vRealize Automation API Samples for Postman

The vRealize Automation REST API provides consumers and administrators access to all services in its service catalog that support the vRealize Automation user interface. All services have a set of use cases that can be achieved programmatically by using these REST APIs. vRealize Automation 7.1 and later documents these APIs in swagger format. We have prepared a set of API samples to help accelerate a developer’s ability to consume and integrate vRealize Automation programmatically.

vRealize Automation API Postman Samples

As the name suggests, these samples are provided in Postman collection format. Postman is a REST client popular for its rich set of features that make it easy to create API workflows. The API use cases that you develop can easily be shared. To learn more about Postman, download it for free and familiarize with Postman.

We have included sample use cases help you to become familiar with configuration and management actions such as:

  • Manage endpoints/reservations/business-groups/blueprints/catalog
  • Export and import content
  • Manager approvals
  • Submit and track requests

Try it out

After you download and install Postman, you can use the following information to quickly become familiar in using the vRealize Automations REST API samples.

Set Postman Environment

First of all, set the postman environment according to the hints provided in the following graphic:


Log in

Use any of the login calls available in the samples collection.


The environment variable {{token}} is set as a result of successful log in.


Subsequent API Calls

Furthermore each API method in the collection is already pre-poulated with an Authorization header that consumes this {{token}} variable. You can make subsequent calls as shown in the following graphic:


For more details visit Github and follow the instructions provided in README. Each category has a README file that lists available use cases in the respective postman collection.

We welcome the customer and field development community’s contribution for helping us to make this a central source of vRealize Automation REST API use case samples.

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