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Using FlexPod? How to Drive Better Cisco UCS Performance

By: Brian Williams


Leveraging FlexPod for your infrastructure offers organizations a number of benefits; for one, giving you an integrated solution that works for you and the specific requirements of your IT infrastructure. FlexPod, which is jointly engineered by Cisco and NetApp, offers a comprehensive architecture with your compute, networking and storage elements of the IT stack. As a result, you can simplify the management of your infrastructure, particularly as it continues to shift and change with today’s business needs.

FlexPod features several key components, include:

  • Cisco UCS
  • Cisco Networking
  • NetApp Storage


In this three-part series, I’ll be uncovering how you can drive better performance across your FlexPod environment by focusing on extending visibility with specific components of the solution. In addition, I’ll highlight how you can leverage FlexPod with a popular database solution like Oracle Database to extend visibility even further across your IT stack.

To get started, check out the first video in this series below to learn how you can drive better Cisco UCS performance within your FlexPod bundle:


Within the Blue Medora FlexPod Bundle for vRealize Operations, gain insight into your FlexPod infrastructure and resources with key dashboards. The bundle provides insight into key dashboards and metrics for each component of the FlexPod Bundle, but also enables you to monitor FlexPod’s comprehensive infrastructure.

For instance, the bundle from Blue Medora offers the overview dashboard to understand the complete health of your FlexPod infrastructure, as well as the alerts dashboard to enhance your monitoring by viewing key status and events in vROps as alerts. In addition, the ability to analyze the health and relationships of your FlexPod environment gives you a broad picture of the entire system — enabling you to make key resource decisions, such as expanding and consolidating.

To learn more about the FlexPod Bundle from Blue Medora or to download a free trial, please visit the True Visibility Suite for VMware vRealize Operations page on Blue Medora’s website.


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