vRealize Network Insight

What Is vRealize Network Insight? Interview with Shobhana Viswanathan (@shobhanav)

Recently I was honored to be invited to VMware’s headquarters to conduct a series of video interviews. One of those interviews was with Shobhana Viswanathan, Product Marketing, VMware’s Cloud Management Business Unit where we talked about VMware’s new vRealize Network Insight.

In the interview, Shobhana tells us about how in June 2016, VMware acquired Arkin, which the company released under the name vRealize Network Insight. vRealize Network Insight (or vRNI) is a network operations management tool that helps organizations plan micro-segmentation, ensure health and compliance of NSX deployments, and help them meet NSX best practices. In the video, Viswanathan shares more on vRealize Network Insights and how IT professionals can leverage this new tool.

If you’re interested in learning more about VMware’s vRealize Network Insight visit the vRNI product homepage and checkout this blog post on How VMware Leverages vRealize Network Insight.


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