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Announcing the release of Log Insight 4.3 – What’s New

vRealize Log InsightCheck Out a more in-depth review of what is in Log Insight 4.3 here. 


vRealize Log Insight just got better with 4.3. The leading industry intelligent log management solution, Log Insight delivers Intelligent Log Management for infrastructure and applications across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Don’t get buried in logs. Chop through them all faster, easier, and smarter with VMware vRealize Log Insight.

Log Insight 4.3 includes new features

  1. Enhanced vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations Integration

Speed Time to Value with New Product Integrations

  • Troubleshoot faster using both metrics and logs with enhanced vRealize Log Insight integration
    • Integrate with vRealize Operations using the Logs tab in vRealize Operations
    • Correlate logs and metrics side by side, and in-context, for any monitored object
    • Leverage our integrated troubleshooting workflow

Check out this new video on how the vRealize Log Insight integrates seamlessly with vRealize Operations to provide unstructured and structured data together, for significantly enhanced end-to-end operations management.

Log Insight Server Updates

  1. Make hosts-list maximum-TTL configurable
  2. Ability to authenticate via VIDM with existing AD user content

Log Insight Agent Updates

  1. Agent Auto-Upgrade (Silent auto-update of Windows & Linux Agent binary)
  2. FIPS compliance for Windows and Linux agent
  3. Agent Scripted Input

Log Insight Graphical Updates

  1. Updated Pie Charts with more nuanced display and percentage breakdown
  2. Trendline for single grouping aggregations (a feature to chart the rate of change (slope) of a dataset result set)
    • In order to show a rate (Mb/s) from a log message that has an accumulation, or to show acceleration from speed

vRealize Intelligent Operations: Better together 

Log Insight integrates with vRealize Operations to bring unstructured and structured data together, for significantly enhanced end-to-end operations management. To gain the benefits of intelligent operations management for your entire data center, consider vRealize Operations (which provides strong integration with vRealize Log Insight). Get a free trial now.

To find out more about Log Insight, visit our Log Insight page.


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