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INFINIDAT’s InfiniBox content pack for vRealize Log Insight

Enhance your insights – INFINIDAT InfiniBox monitoring using vRealize Log Insight

INFINIDAT’s InfiniBox content pack for vRealize Log Insight provides customers with the capability to easily monitor and analyze InfiniBox systems, by converting syslog messages into helpful insights.

InfiniBox is a flash optimized storage platform that provides faster than all-flash performance for real-world workloads and a truly unified SAN and NAS solution, supporting multiple protocols in a single system.

The modern data center requirements are rapidly evolving and leading to innovations that are driven by changing trends in cloud infrastructure, virtualization, storage demands, security, IPv6, and the dynamically changing enterprise needs. These trends require equally advanced solutions for managing critical IT services in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

InfiniBox is designed to address the above challenges by delivering a solution that is incredibly efficient and easy to deploy and manage, which provides automated provisioning, management, and application integration.

Some of InfiniBox key advantages:

  • Truly unified storage – Multi-protocol support is engrained in InfiniBox architecture. Both SAN (block) and NAS (file) capabilities are native and designed to run side by side on the same platform along with advanced storage capabilities including native replication, inline data reduction and enhanced performance analytics.
  • Faster than flash performance – InfiniBox is a flash optimized, enterprise proven storage platform that can deliver faster than all-flash performance delivering over 1M IOPS with sub-millisecond latency. InfiniBox always balanced active grid delivers consistent performance, regardless to the capacity utilization or the amount of volumes and snapshots.
  • Unmatched reliability – A key attribute of the InfiniBox architecture is its unique 99.99999% uptime. This is made possible thanks to N+2 redundancy, self-healing active-grid, end-to-end data checksums (protecting against silent data corruptions) and fastest media rebuild in the industry.
  • Scalability – Up to 5.5PB of effective capacity in a single 42U rack. The system’s capacity can be distributed across virtually unlimited number of volumes, filesystems and snapshots.


InfiniBox and vRealize Log Insight integration

By leveraging InfiniBox advanced log mechanism, vRealize Log Insight delivers a simple and easy to understand visual representation of InfiniBox events, and provides customers an additional layer of visibility and real-time analytics across multiple systems.

InfiniBox content pack aggregates valuable information and intelligently organizes the data in 10 convenient dashboards. Each dashboard tailored for different purpose and contains several intuitive widgets.


Health Monitoring
Simple and comprehensive monitoring over InfiniBox capacity, connectivity, replication, nodes and media health for proactive problems detection and faster troubleshooting.

Health Monitoring

System Activities
Powerful visualization for a variety of configuration changes across multiple systems.

 System Activities


Security Auditing
Single pane of visibility for all authentication attempts and changes related to InfiniBox users management, which enables easy auditing and helps to detect suspicious behavior.

Security Auditing



How to get the InfiniBox Content Pack?

INFINIDAT InfiniBox content pack is currently available and can be directly installed through the in-product Content Pack Marketplace in vRealize Log Insight 4.0 and later, or to be downloaded from VMware Solution Exchange:


About the Authors

Ido Dubovi is a product manager at INFINIDAT, responsible for driving eco-system integrations. His prior roles include consulting to customers in multiple verticals and architecting storage solutions on both physical and cloud environments.

Yogita Patil is a CORD Engineer at VMware. She has an extensive background in troubleshooting and implementing cloud solutions. Yogita has helped test vRealize Log Insight product from its early days and helped shaped the usability of the product. Yogita is the author of a few blog posts including various content packs for the vRealize Log Insight product.

Follow Yogita on Twitter @nitinyogi6



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