Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA)

Hybrid Cloud Assessment answers your cloud cost questions in less than 3 hours. HCA helps to understand existing private cloud costs, compares public and private cloud costs and enables IT teams to confidently share information on actual costs with their lines of business. You get a report after you run the Hybrid Cloud Assessment.


Why take Hybrid Cloud Assessment (HCA)?

  • Gain Insight into Existing Cloud Costs: Easily understand the cost of your existing private cloud infrastructure. Quickly assess business spending across multiple public cloud accounts and providers.
  • Speed Decision Making: On-Premises or Cloud?: Make informed purchasing decisions by quickly comparing private and public cloud costs. Save time in workload run discussions using capacity comparison and ”what if” scenarios.
  • Uncover Cost-Saving Opportunities: Reduce public and private cloud deployment costs. Identify reclamation cost savings by performing HCA with VOA (vSphere Optimization assessment)
  • Share Data with Confidence: Establish IT as strategic business partner by sharing actual costs with line-of-business leaders. Quantify cloud consumption across business groups, applications, and services.

The HCA report compares the vSphere private cloud vs aws, azure public cloud costs, deep dive analysis on private cloud infrastructure costs such as VM count, average VM costs, etc., shows the actual cost across different line of businesses as showback statement and identifies reclamation cost savings oppurtunities for your private cloud.

HCA report is generated from real world customer data center information using VMware vRealize®. What’s great about HCA is that you can demonstrate the immediate value of our vRealize Business for Cloud solution so customers can make more informed buying decisions about VMware IT management solutions. HCA is a great candidate to initiate cloud journey conversations with your customers. Less than 3 hours! That’s how long a Hybrid Cloud Assessment takes.


Completing a Hybrid Cloud Assessment with VMware is easy. Simply submit the form and a cloud expert will contact you.

Get your HCA Report today!


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