This new whitepaper covers various SAP performance monitoring use cases demonstrating the functionality of vRealize Operations and the Blue Medora Management Packs for SAP, SAP HANA and Oracle.

A virtualized SAP environment has multiple layers of technology that require monitoring, including SAP Netweaver (ABAP and/or JAVA stack), database, guest operating system (Guest OS), and vSphere hypervisor. Each layer typically has its own administrator (in a traditionally siloed organization) and its own set of metrics to track and measure performance, and typically the administrator is more familiar with the metrics of his/her respective layer. Troubleshooting such a scenario can be challenging because visibility of metrics across all the layers can be limited, and this is required for effective resolution of performance problems. vRealize Operations with Management Packs from VMware partner, Blue Medora, can help here by providing the complete view across the different layers.

For example after installation and configuration of the Blue Medora SAP Management pack, vRealize Operations is able to discover all the components of an SAP system as shown in the following screenshot.

SAP MP Screenshot

The above screenshot shows an example of how to navigate the SAP architecture down to the specific SAP performance metrics of an application server.

The use cases described in the whitepaper include:

  • Memory capacity planning example based on SAP HANA
  • Super metric configuration showing Netweaver ABAP memory usage
  • SAP on Oracle performance troubleshooting scenariosap_vrops_paper_mgmt_blog
  • Custom dashboard example designed to monitor a SAP database during a heavy data load operation

The content was developed jointly between VMware and Blue Medora.  The whitepaper is available here.

This post was written by Vas Mitra.  Vas is a SAP Solutions Architect at VMware involved in SAP on VMware training/workshops, POCs, pre-sales support. He has worked on Business Critical Applications  related initiatives at VMware over the past 5+ yrs. Prior to VMware Vas’ experiences include: SAP Basis Administrator; ABAP developer; SAP solutions engineer  with a Systems Integrator, OEM vendor and SAP IT operations in pharmaceutical/chemical companies.