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February 15th: Getting More Out of VMware with vRealize Network Insight

On February 15th, we will be hosting another “Getting More out of VMware” webinar. Continuing on our theme of intelligent operations, we will show you how to install, configure and utilize vRealize Network Insight product. Register below, or read for more details!


This webinar is for the practitioners involved in managing IT infrastructure and virtual environments both compute and network layers, who need to be able to understand the application flows prior to enabling micro-segmentation for east-west traffic in their NSX environment, dynamically create firewall rules, troubleshoot across physical and virtual boundaries, and ensure the most efficient operations of their NSX deployment.

Karl Hauck, Senior Systems Engineer, VMware
Brian Wilson, Staff Systems Engineer, VMware

During this session the VMware Networking and Security Business Systems Engineers will show you how to install and configure vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) to quickly make it functional within your environment. We will begin with a brief review of the vRealize Network Insight components and a basic installation. Next, we will demo a vRNI environment, and go over the configuration planning and execution.

vRealize Network Insight Overview and Installation

We will provide a brief overview of the product, and the architectures including what data sources are required. That will be followed by the system requirements and how vRealize Network Insight can be installed in your production environment even or an evaluation/POC.

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Demonstration of vRealize Network Insight Use Cases


We will demonstrate how vRealize Network Insight provides converged visibility across overlay and underlay, virtual and physical networks. By integrating deeply with virtual (NSX) and physical layers (physical switches, routers, firewalls), and connecting the dots between the two, you will see the firewall polices, rules and any errors caused at any layer.



We will also spend time on viewing the collection of and analyzing Network Flows in real time, while putting the flows in the context of the VMs and applications that they are originating from or terminating to. You will easily see and understand who is talking to whom, what flows need to be allowed, and what can be blocked. Lastly you will see the firewall rules generated by the ability of creating your own application profiles.


Live Q&A in the End: Bring your Questions!


The webinar will conclude with an open live Q&A with our specialists who will be on hand to answer your questions through chat.




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